Fix me

A boy with blond hair and sad scared blue eyes walked up to me one day. He said, "Can you fix me?"


9. Don't be afraid of the dark Niall

Niall's pov:

After being in the hospital for about a month from my little stunt I pulled I was back home. I would rather be dead right now but it didn't bother me that I was alive any more. I was just happy that I had some one out their who cared about me. I smiled thinking of how Liam and Louis had my back. You know maybe I really could be fixed. I was pulled out of my thoughts bye a screaming dad.

"NIALL GET YOUR FAT ASS DOWN HERE NOW!!!" I ran down stairs not asking questions. When I got down stairs I ran into the room where he was only to be tripped bye him. As I was down on the floor hugging my knee in pain he was laughing at me. When he was done laughing at me he spat on me and then said, "Where all out of bear." I looked up at him with teary eyes and said, "So what do you want me to do about it?" Just then I totally regret saying that to him. He looked at me with nothing but anger and hatred in his eyes. "What did you say to me?!" I looked at him in fear as I watch him pull a gun out of his back pocket. I was starting to think this is it he's really going to kill me now. I'm really going to die now just what I wanted only now I didn't want to die any more.

He laughed as he looked at me being scared to death. Then he put the gun away and said, "Now  Niall I know that you didn't mean to say that right buddy?" I looked at him with teary eyes and said, "Yes dad." Then he looked at folding his arms and started at me. I didn't get what he was waiting for me to say when it me. I got up and limped over to him and said, "I love you so much dad!!" He smiled and hugged me then said, "I love you to son."

With that I took my money and went to go and buy my dad his bear like he asked me to. I limped the hole way their because I couldn't ride my book. It took me an hour to get to the store and when I arrived their I noticed Liam was their with guy that had curly hair. Weird I had never seen him before. I just shook it off and pulled my hoodie up over my head so that Liam wouldn't know it was me. Then I limped my way to the bear section where I bought 2 bottles of bear for my dad and a bag of chips knowing that he wouldn't feed me to night again.

Then I went on the line and just as I was about to go up and pay Liam tapped my back. I didn't turn around just yet. In stead I put my glasses on (sun glasses) then turned to face him. "I'm sorry to bother you. I just saw that you were limping and thought you could use some help. " I smiled as he helped me pay and bag the stuff I bought. Then I headed home before he could offer to drive me home to.

When I got home I gave my dad his two bottles and went up stairs in pain. When I was up stairs I just layed down on the couch and cried my eyes out for hours. I just wanted this day to ended all ready.

*later that night*

Late that night well I was sleeping I heard some one come into my room. I opened up my eyes to see my dad standing their in my room with an evil smile on his face. In one hand he held his belt in the other he held room and tap.Before I could scream for help he taped my mouth shut dragged me out of bed and tied me to a chair then he took his belt and whipped my back till it bleed leaving me their to cry my eyes out in pain. "This is what you get for not getting the right bear bitch!"

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