Fix me

A boy with blond hair and sad scared blue eyes walked up to me one day. He said, "Can you fix me?"


2. Broken little boy

Louis's pov:

I was standing bye my locker when I saw a boy walk bye. The boy was sorta tall and he wore a hood. I caught a glimpse  of his face and saw his eyes were grey and his skin was bruised. I wonder what happened to him. Where his eyes really grey? What was up with him? So many question started to swarm my head. I wanted to run up to  him and just ask him getting all that pressure off my chest. Only I couldn't.

It wasn't because I was the cool kid it was because I didn't know him and I didn't know how to approach him. I was pulled out of thoughts to the sound of my friend Liam calling my name. "Yo Louis come on snap out of it were going to be late for class!" I turned my head around to see that Liam was all ready running down the hall to class. I decided that I couldn't afford another late so I ran for my life. I made it in the class room just as the bell had rung.

Every one went to take their seats every one but the boy with the hoodie. He stood in front of the class room. The teacher walked in and smiled when she saw him. "Good morning class I see we have a new student joining us."  She turned towards him and said, "Now what's your name son?"

Every one was on the edge of their seats eger to find out who it was. He looked down at the ground then said, "N-n-niall." The teacher smiled and turned to us. "Class please welcome Niall." At that moment every one but me said, "Hi Niall." The teacher turned towards me and said, "Niall why don't you go take seat next Louis. Louis please raise your hand so he can find you."

I did as I was told watching him make his way to my desk. I took a deep breath as he came and sat down bye me.

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