Night Out

This story is about a girl named Kimberley and she and her friends go out to a club. Something very and I mean really very bad happens in this story. Her ...............
Read on to find out folks.
Hope you enjoy


4. Hospital

 Erin pov's


I just wish Kimberley would wake up. She has been out for 2 days. Luckily Zac's not woken up yet because Rhea is so angry with him. The 5 boys still haven't left yet but I want to know why. Just then we heard a soft moan and saw that Kimberley was waking up. "Kimberley you okay? How do you feel?" "I'm fine just got a sore head." she replied. "I'll go get the doctor" I think it was Liam who said  that. 


Skip Hospital


Kimberley's pov


As soon as we arrived home I went straight into my bedroom and fell straight down on my bed. Soon enough someone walked  in and sat on my bed. "You okay?" I think that was Niall. "Yeah" I replied but soon drifted of to sleep.


Niall's pov


When Kimberley woke up in hospital, everyone was relieved that she was a wake because they  couldn't wait any longer. I think Kimberley is so pretty, but's it's just the fact of that guy punching her makes  me wonder if he still is in the hospital after Zayn punched him which made  him blackout. Anyway when we arrived to their house, Kimberley went straight into her room I guessed. About half a hour later I went to check on her to make sure she was okay and so I sat on her bed and asked her she just replied with a yeah and drifted of o sleep.

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