Night Out

This story is about a girl named Kimberley and she and her friends go out to a club. Something very and I mean really very bad happens in this story. Her ...............
Read on to find out folks.
Hope you enjoy


2. Getting Ready

Kimberley's pov


Well hello there. My name is Kimberley and I am 19 years old. I have a boyfriend called Zac and he is also 19 years old. He is so sweet, I love his smile, his laugh, his sparkling blue eyes, and his soft lips.

Well anyway back to the story, we, as in me, Zac, Erin and Rhea are going out to a club and we are trying to figure out what to wear. Outfits and people


Kimberley -






Zac -




Outfit -


Erin -


Outfit -


Rhea -



outfit -


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