Night Out

This story is about a girl named Kimberley and she and her friends go out to a club. Something very and I mean really very bad happens in this story. Her ...............
Read on to find out folks.
Hope you enjoy


3. Club- Black out


Kimberley's pov


We arrived at the club and headed straight to the bar. Me and the girls got a few whistles but we just ignored them. "Can I get 8 vodkas please and 4 blue wickeds" "That  would be £15. 76". We found a table and downed the shots and the blue wickeds and then headed for the dance floor.




The four off us still weren't drunk and continued dancing until I wondered where Zac had went. I searched and searched until I had found him sucking a Barbie's face. And so I walked up to him and pulled him off her so I could slap him hard in the face. Which I did do, but then he punched me in the face which made me bang me head hard off the wall and black out.


Zac pov


As soon as I had punched Kimberley in the face which made her black out I regretted it. People screamed at me A.K.A Erin and Rhea. But in the middle of that argument with them 5 five men came running up and 2 knelt by Kimberley's side but the other 3 were shouting at me until I punched the one with a mop of curls. Soon enough a dark haired boy punched me in the face really hard which made me lose my balance. "WHY DID YOU HIT THE GIRL. NO GIRL DESERVES TO BE HIT FROM A MAN!" That's what a blonde haired dude say but I started to see blue dots go every where until it all went into darkness.

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