Ellie Foster

10 years after searching for what happened to someone very close, can Alex ever find them again?


5. Chapter 4


After finishing my phone call with my parents, I leaned back on the sofa, a huff of air escaping as my back made contact with the cushions. The feel of my wife's small, delicate fingers combing through my hair made my tense muscles relax at her touch and eyes close softly. a smile etched on to my lips.

"So now I have a chance to meet the famous Ellie Foster?" I heard her murmur. Too tired to respond, I just hummed in response, my smile growing a fraction bigger. 

"Go to sleep, we'll talk more in the morning." These were the last words I heard before I was lulled into slumber. 


It was early 7 o'clock in the morning when a giggling bundle jumped onto my stomach. With a 'oof' and the loss of breath i swooped up my giggling son and tossed him in the air. Grabbing him back in my arms, I grabbed his ankles and held him off the ground. His giggles lighting up my face and the room around us. My little son Jay had a beaming smile on his face and couldn't stop laughing from being suspended in the air. His shocking green eyes latched onto mine and his blond locks fell into the air. It made him look like a mini-me. 

"DADDY! Put me down!" he squealed between laughs, "Mommy wanted me to get you for breakfast, you slept on the couch last night!" 

Turning him the right way round, I placed him on the floor and watched as he ran away giggling. I saw him stop at the entrance to the kitchen and looks around. 

"Alfy's outside remember hun, he doesn't sleep in the house now. He's to big to not knock anything over." Sam says coming over and giving him a hug. A small smile returns to my face as I look to the two people who make my whole world complete. 

She sets him down and sets a small bowl of scrambled eggs in front of him, doing the same for me as I sit next to him. Looking down at my son as I started to eat, I noticed he had barely touched his food. 

I stood slowly, watching his head shoot up and his hopeful eyes lock onto mine. "I'll go and bring Alfy in for you bud, eat your breakfast though." 

Giving Sam a kiss, I grabbed the leash by the back kitchen door and left the house. My bare feet shivered at the touch of the cold decking in the garden. The sudden bark of the dog made me drop everything and forget about having frozen feet. The leash slipped through my hands and fell with a clatter against the wood. 

Seeing the straining chain holding to dog to the kennel, I grabbed his collar and shoved him towards the house. He didn't budge, the over sized German Shepard puppy just kept growling at the other side of his kennel.

Giving him a hard shove, he started to back off and back to the house. Hearing the bang of the garden gate, I looked to see the latch was ripped after the storm a few nights ago. Looking around, I tried to see if anything was out of the ordinary. All I saw was a bloodied foot. 

Gingerly pulling against it, a incredibly thin body was revealed. The arms and legs were scarred deep and bleeding profusely. Trying to get a firm grip on the arms, I turned her over, instantly recognizing the brunette hair and soft face. Although mangled, bruised and scarred, I would never be able to forget her. 

"Call an ambulance!" I screamed behind me. Taking her face gently into face I started to whisper softly to her, "It'll be okay Ellie, I'll get you fixed up, I'll get you help."

Placing two fingers to her throat, I found no pulse. I started to notice the blood pooling around her head and legs. Placing my hands on her chest, I tried to remember all of the health training I had for the force. whatever I was doing though wasn't working. 


By the time the paramedics came, my hands were slipping off her chest as they were slick with blood, my arms ached and the fog of tears was making it hard to see in front of me.

Soft hands pulled me away from her limp body, and I vaguely saw the stretcher being placed under her and she was taken away from me again.

"Sir, we need you to come with us." I looked towards him, and towards Sam. Words were becoming muddled in my head and I could't understand what to do. 

"Go, I'll call your parents and we''l meet you there," she offered me a small smile before I raced into the ambulance and grabbed my sisters cold hand. Praying that I would have the chance to know my sister again.

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