Ellie Foster

10 years after searching for what happened to someone very close, can Alex ever find them again?


4. Chapter 3


I couldn't take anymore of this life. I had thought it was the best, I couldn't get perfection if it wasn't with him. If only I knew what a foolish kid I was when I was first with him.

My parents were thrilled when I had first brought him home, gushing over how he would be able to provide for me and his reputation with the other businesses. They only wanted me to stay with him for his reputation. I was so blinded by my apparent feelings, that I never realized what a true monster he was underneath that caramel coating. It only hit me, when I was left for dead on the side of the road, as he drove off with the only part of me I had left.


At this point I had just realized we were going to have our second child. I was going to tell him today, however by the agonizing pains in my stomach, I knew I had lost him. Another part of me had died too with this. I could feel tears brimming my eyes as I looked in the direction I had last seen him take off.

The pain was starting to catch up to me, until I knew it was suffocating me. As the dots clouded my vision, I hoped I would be found soon. Everything went black.


Waking up in the same position made me start to lose even more hope of the chance to see civilization. However, looking closely, I recognized the road. Turning my head slowly, to stop myself from pain, I saw the distant lights of the quiet cafe which was close to my brother's home.

These past few weeks weeks, I had started to notice that he was becoming distant. Staying out late, coming home drunk and never talking to me. One day when he was out I had looked at local police to track down the one person I knew wouldn't give up on me. I found him not too far away and as a active Sargent. Finding his address was harder as I had to lie and say I was doing background checks for his case, I didn't think it would work, but it did. I had asked them not to say I had called as this was already known by him, and they believed the whole thing. This was just making me doubt myself, would he actually want to see me? Would he even want to know me after I had left the family as I did?

Trying to muffle my screams as I stood up, I stood and shakily started to try and walk in the right direction. As moss grows towards north her, I knew I was going in the right direction. I was thanking my mother to sending my camping with my dad and brother so often, it came it very handy.


As the time passed, my feet began to numb and tinkle with the amount of scratches on the soles. My legs were screaming for me to stop, but I knew that if I stopped to rest I would never get back up. My head was pounding like a drum from the impact of only a few hours ago. The temperature was lowering quickly, the remains of the jeans and t-shirt I was wearing weren't helping very much. The pains in my stomach had slowed, but there was a sharp dull ache that I knew I wouldn't be able to cope with for much longer. 


I must have been walking all night. The sun had gone in hours ago, and was only just reappearing through the covering through the forest. The light brown paneling of a fence was the best thing to happen to me for over a few weeks. The gate swung slowly in the cool summer breeze, the lock lay on the floor beside the posts. This must have been from the storm the other day, the shed in our back yard had it's roof blown off.


Feeling the wet grass between my toes was heavenly contrasting against the sharp needles of the forest floor just over the fence. Well the grass is always greener on the other side!

Taking a deep breath I took this all in. I had my old life ripped from me. What I thought was love was all a lie, and now I was trying to find my brother that I didn't even think would want me after all I have done.

This was broken sharply by the sudden bark of a dog startling me. In my weak state I easily lost my balance and fell to the floor. The resounding crack of my head on the ground echoed throughout my skull, allowing my to lose consciousness without a care.

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