Ellie Foster

10 years after searching for what happened to someone very close, can Alex ever find them again?


2. Chapter 1

Picking up the folder I read back in to the case. My mind was fumbled and foggy, this couldn't be real, could it? She had made no contact and this is how I find her? 


Name: Ellie Maria Foster

Age: 27

Occupation: No specified


Call was made from neighbor, named as Mrs Catherine Dottle. Complaints of screaming and arguing, stating that this was not the first time this had been called about. Police arriving at the house saw signs of disturbance and a struggle, but no presence was found in the house.

DNA results show that the blood was Miss Foster's, no body was to be seen. 

Miss Foster's partner was seen leaving the house in the early hours of every morning taking the young girl with him. He only returned at 10 pm every night.


Stuffing the file's in to my brief case, I shrugged on my coat and grabbed the car key's I ran out of my office and into the elevator, not sparing my assistant a glance. Seeing the glass doors of the station, I was finally realizing that we have a lead on my sister. I have a chance to see her again.


The storm that was brewing outside, was just a mere breeze compared to what was happening in my head. Throwing the door almost off it's hinges, and fumbling with the keys, I finally managed to get the car to start, allowing me to race down the street and get home to tell everyone the news. That my sister was still around, for how long I didn't know.

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