My outsider life (sodapop love story)


1. chapter 1

Nicole's P.O.V

My life has been going alright, well except for the Socs going into are part of town. The greasers are the ones with the slick back greased hair and the Soc and the rich kids or popular kids. I used to go to school for awhile with my friend Ponyboy. Soon my grades were falling so I dropped out of school. I found a job at the DX station where Ponyboy's brother works at.

Nicole- hello anyone here?

Steve- yeah hold on I'll be right there.

Steve comes out, and helps out Nicole. Steve shows her around the DX station.

Steve- and this is Sodapop, me and him fill up gas and work on cars.

Soda- hey.

Nicole-*whispers* Steve?, what's wrong with Soda?

Steve- he's been sad lately because his girlfriend Sandy hasn't been talking to him since she moved to Florida.

Nicole- oh.

Steve- don't worry Soda will get used to u.


Steve-come on I'll show where you'll be work at.

Steve shows where Nicole works at it's at the front desk by the window where she could see Steve and Soda working on cars.

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