The Ultimate Guide to the Mind of a Teenage Girl

The ultimate guide to the rare species of the teenage girl. De-code their comments, thoughts, and feelings, Learn why they act the way you do!


4. Miley Cryus

If Im being totally honest here, I miss the old miley. Yes, I realize she is older and is just finding herself. Along with Justin Bieber (later topic). She is experimenting, and trying to find what works for her. In this day and age twerking, and slutty behavior is what sells, so she's using that to her advantage. I truly believe she is not a tramp. She is just lost. I'm in love her music, but despise her videos. I think they are not artsy but just an excuse to take off more clothes or to twerk. You can find yourself with clothes on. That's all I'm trying to say. I know she isn't a new person, but just a more mature person. I respect that, just put some clothes on.

~ Callie ~

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