The Ultimate Guide to the Mind of a Teenage Girl

The ultimate guide to the rare species of the teenage girl. De-code their comments, thoughts, and feelings, Learn why they act the way you do!


11. Eleanor ~ Classifying Girls

Within boys, it's pretty easy to identify which one there is, but what about girls? Some girls are hard to read, that's just how we were made. We are a big puzzle, everybody tries to figure out. Who am I? I'm that girl who's a hipster, I'm all about flowers, I love love, and peace. I can't say I'm a hippie cause Im not a pot head xD!  And I don't dress like a hippie. But I'm always happy, smiling, always dressing really nice everyday. You find out who I am pretty quick, but other people, nope! There's been so many times I meet girls who are nice and later on turn into bitches. Girls are vicious predators, we can be cute as a puppy, but as deadly as a cobra. There's so many types of girls I dislike. One type that bugs me so much is girls who crave attention. Like EVERYBODY has to like them, they always to be the center of attention, I'm just ugh! I don't players eithe, and girls with cold hearts. Those are some icy bitches x)! It's a fact, girls need girls. I like to hang out with guys mainly cause they are alot more fun and I have strong bonds with guys, as well as girls! Plus, less drama. But there's time where I need a girls day! I just need a day with me and my girlfriends you know? They are always gonna be there for you, but some won't, which stinks about girls. We are extremely sensetive so if we do something to eachother we always hold a grudge and keep it in our mind forever and we do mean things to one another. Word of advice ladies, don't go into competition with another girl. There will always be somebody who you look at and wish you looked like them or had something of there's or whatever, but God created you just the way he wanted too. He doesn't make any mistakes, we are all perfect. There is no "perfect" in society, it's just the media that makes it seem like that. Learn to love you. Learn to find the right type of girls. What's awesome about us, is that we are so many stronger than boys, in every way, we go through more than them. ;) 

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