The Ultimate Guide to the Mind of a Teenage Girl

The ultimate guide to the rare species of the teenage girl. De-code their comments, thoughts, and feelings, Learn why they act the way you do!


9. Eleanor - Classifying Boys

As Callie has discussed about all the different types of boys, its true

Boys are boys. We all have to remember that. Boys is such a broad topic, for all. Girls, one of our favorite subjects to talk about! Especially me, I mean, I've been boy crazy ever since I was little ! (x Through my experience, its been lots of shit. Personally, I look about 2 to 4 years older than I really am, which is a big problem of course (but at the same time pretty awesome) my body is very mature and so, of course, guys look. Sometimes I wish it didn't happen. I once had a boyfriend who only liked me for my body. I didn't realize it until later because I had a HUGE crush on him. He talked about my personality and what not, but he did mention my body way more often and was all over me, and then, he cheated on me. How I realized he only liked me for my body is when about 9 months after we broke up, we talked again and I started to like him again and he said he does a little too and I asked him what he liked about me and he said my hair, eyes, boobs, ass, my curves, and my thighs. It really hurt, and all he was looking for is sex and some dirty talking. I was like no way. It really hurt me, but I don't regret dating him, he was a big lesson for me for the future and to know there are guys like that out there.

 I honestly wish that it was like back in the days. For example, what Callie was  discussing in the 50s. Also when it was actually safe to go out together during the night time in town or in the city to go out to a small restaurant and play pool while you are listening to music on a jukebox. When most boys were gentlemen and actually hold the door for you, who would dress so cute like a bow tie and a button up shirt with possibly some suspenders? Adorable! Now? Its all about snapbacks, dolphin and diamond supply, expensive shoes, and fucking bitches. Only a very few nice guys out there, so be careful, cause he can be a angel on the outside, and a devil in the inside (my last boyfriend)

As for me, I do have a boyfriend. All I want to give out is that his name starts with a D. Him and I have been through a lot together, and I mean ALOT. Him and I however, are so perfect together. We are like the same exact person, each others half's. He is one of the best boyfriends, always there for me and helping, caring, worried. Its also great cause he's my best friend too. Plus,  we always prank each other and give one another a lot of crap(x but we love each other.  I am writing a story about us, check it out on my page, xxFlowerVine its called Rebellious Ways

Boys will always be with us, just make sure you have the right one! <3

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