The Ultimate Guide to the Mind of a Teenage Girl

The ultimate guide to the rare species of the teenage girl. De-code their comments, thoughts, and feelings, Learn why they act the way you do!


2. Callie

~~Hiya! I'm ________ but lets call me Callie! I am a major girly girl. Me and my bestie, _______ lets call her Eleanor, decided to make this movella to share our opinions, thoughts, experiences, etc with you guys! She is my best friend, my wifey (long story), my twin, my sister, my everything. Without my best friend I wouldn't be who I am today. Ive been through a lot in my life, forced to grow up a little to fast. I have three brothers, all who are a bit needy. I am the middle child, neglected, and so on. I learned to walk on my own two feet pretty fast, and alone. But I'm living a pretty cool life anyway. Welcome to our story!

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