The Ultimate Guide to the Mind of a Teenage Girl

The ultimate guide to the rare species of the teenage girl. De-code their comments, thoughts, and feelings, Learn why they act the way you do!


6. Callie ~ Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage was illegal for a long while. Gay couples were made fun of, shamed, and sometimes hit or beat up. This, not to long ago, stopped. People are being more accepting. They still don't have it easy but its getting there. To my knowledge (I don't know if its true) but gay marriage is now legal in California. We are moving towards something bigger than gay marriage, we are moving towards a happier life of accepting everyone as they are.

I personally am a Christian. We believe gay marriage is a sin, but I honestly don't care. I support gay couples. I just don't want to know what goes on in your bedroom, I don't tell you what happens in mine, don't tell me the details of yours. I don't care if you like girls or guys or even both. That's what makes you unique. Do what works for you. Do what makes you happy, cause happy looks good on you(:


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