The Ultimate Guide to the Mind of a Teenage Girl

The ultimate guide to the rare species of the teenage girl. De-code their comments, thoughts, and feelings, Learn why they act the way you do!


10. Callie ~ Classifying Girls

Look at the girls in your class or at your school. Admit it, no one is the same. You have your girly girl, the princess/barbie, the tomboy, the emo/goth, the loser, the in-betweener, the lost one, the waterworks, the boy crazy, the ditcher, the bitch, the hipster, etc.

The Girly Girl

This girl is always in a dress (usually pink or pastel  color) Listens to Ariana Grande, Jb or 1D (depending on the girl). Is friends with everyone. Sweet as a cupcake, always so nice. And has a giant sweet tooth that the tooth fairy would love to steal! And they wear bows on a regular basis. But they can be a bitch when they want to.

The Princess/ The Barbie

This girl always looks like she's going to a fancy dinner or red carpet event. Her hair is perfectly curled and never has flyaways, her makeup is full on. Foundation, concealer, powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eyebrows, long lashes with no clumps, lipstick, lip gloss. She has no pimples or bags. Her heels are higher than the Eiffel tower.  Her shorts/dress/skirts are shorter than the list of your boyfriends, her top is lower than that boy you like's standards. Bottom line, she always looks perfect! Her hair is so soft, her eyes sparkler brighter than a real diamond, she just always looks so nice and done.

The Tomboy

This chick is married to sports. She only wears sweats, basketball shorts, hoodies, T-shirts, and sneakers (nike, jordans, etc) She is always hanging out with the boys and playing for every single sports team she can play on. She is typically annoying. Sorry tomboys! Maybe your not, but my tomboy friend is!

The Emo/Goth

This friend listens to a lot of rock, metal, rap, etc. She typically cuts. Or at least does some bad thing to herself, Smokes, starves her self, stuff like that. Wears a lot of black, graphic tees, t-shirts of their favorite band or singer. Stuff like that. usually starts off mean but grows on you.

The Loser

This girl usually has only one friend (and not by choice) or none at all. They wear baggy clothes, not confident, has a lot of health things (allergies, asthma, etc.) Sits alone at lunch. Reads a lot, at recess, lunch, durning class. Know-it-all. Ratty hair, no makeup.


The In-Between

This girl can't chose what she is! She has no idea. She'll pick a friend, dress like them and act like them, then pick a new friend. She is basically a friend hopper. She's trying to find herself. Typically annoying, always wants to be in you drama, etc.

The Lost One

She probably has just lost her bestfriend or friends all together, or a boyfriend. She doesn't know who to hang out with or who to be. They are always down in the dumps, always paranoid someone is talking about her. She's a mess. Wears casual clothes, straight hair, boots (uggs style) Mascara and concealer. She doesn't give a flying flip about school. Nervous all the time.


The Water Works

She is always in drama that she puts herself into. Always falling in and out of love, always sad. She always cries! It's quite annoying. Not much to say about this girl cause you can barley talk to her she's sobbing so much.

The Boy Crazy

This girl finds a new boyfriend every other week! If she actually stays in a relationship for longer than a month then its a miracle. She's so "heartbroken" about her breakup that happened an hour ago, yet she still manages to find a new boo within the same day. Even while she's dating someone she's checking guys out. She lives to breed basically. Skin tight clothes, skinny jeans that hug her butt perfectly, a strapless half see through top. Big tall highheels. Straight long hair, tons and tons of makeup.

The Ditcher

never at school, parties, anywhere. When she does decide to show up she complains of being sick, is in sweatpants, frizzy half curly half straight hair (or its in a bun) and some sloppy mascara that's all over her eyelid (and chapped lips, which they still lick). They are a mess..

The Bitch

This girl has it out for you. You never did anything wrong, she just hates you. She spreads rumors, gives you dirty looks, and acts perfect. She's very quick, witty, and knows how to make herself look good and stay out of trouble. She has her two little mini hers. The clones, they snicker and aren't typically as pretty, or smart as her. They stay to gain points from her. This girl is also known as the popular!

The Hipster

This girl wears whatever is in. Flower crowns, wavy/natural hair, highwaisted skirts/shorts/jeans, crop top (graphic) converse or vans. Eyeliner, mascara and foundation that doesn't hide zits but redness. Dipdyed (maybe) ends / ombere. Depends.

There are so many different types of girls. Who are you? I am a mix. Girly Girl, princess/Barbie etc.

~ Callie ~


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