The Perks of Being an Guardian Angel

Discovering who you are is quite a journey
I firmly believe I discovered why im here in this world very early
Your thoughts?


4. The Predictions

I really believe that dreams predict things for me

Approximately 95% of my dreams come true, no matter how long the time may take for it to come true. I try to remember my dreams and little details as much as possible. It seems as if the ones I remember are the ones that are the most important. Its a little freaky, but at the same time, its pretty cool. I also believe that its how I sometimes communicate with people. They may not realize it, but I think that's how it is. Im not sure if this is true or not, but they say if you cant fall asleep, somebody may be having a dream about you. There's been a couple situations where I've have had a dream about somebody and some how, they were thinking about me, and this didn't happen just once, its pretty amazing. So if maybe a relative is in my dream and is dead, I can communicate with them through my dreams. Some people can control there dreams, on the other hand, I cant unfortunately. I think that's one of the reasons, so the future can just lead me to it. There's so many things im trying to find out about dreams so I can have more knowledge to expand all the clues of the puzzle to my next mystery.

There's always a new one, every time.

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