The Perks of Being an Guardian Angel

Discovering who you are is quite a journey
I firmly believe I discovered why im here in this world very early
Your thoughts?


3. The Dark Part

What I mean by saving peoples is very serious.

There's been times when my friends have wanted to kill themselves, and even my ex boyfriend wanted too. 2 of my friends really attempted too, and the damage they've done to me has hurt me so much, because these people are amazing and they've brought lots of joy to my life, and them going away would just leave me breathless, grasping for air. With my ex boyfriend, it as much worse.. much worse. It was more serious and yes, he did attempt it and it was the hardest thing I went through, I had to deal with throughout our relationship and then he turned out to be a jerk and make rumors about me after we broke up, but you deal with it !

Its funny how they all end up to me. I always feel a connection with people. I can quickly identify who are they are and there personality just by looking at the person and there life, it just comes naturally, and so I know when trouble I coming. Overall, im glad I have the power to stop a human from harming themselves, at the same time killing themselves, its difficult, but an honor.

Moving on when my educated guesses. My simply touching somebody, I can feel energy off of them, there mind, better yet, what they are thinking. Of course at times im wrong, but usually very close. What helps me, is my dreams. They unleash everything I do not want to think about , or they pick my brain and send me a message warning me what's going to happen. I believe every dream has to do with the future no matter how dumb it is. I mean sheesh, last time I remember I had a dream about a waterslide, I think? I don't remember, but it has something to do with that, so I'll see if it clicks later on !

My advice is to pay attention to dreams, and I'll go more depth into why


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