The Perks of Being an Guardian Angel

Discovering who you are is quite a journey
I firmly believe I discovered why im here in this world very early
Your thoughts?


5. Society Kills

We all know that society has turned ugly

It's creates the average human to look horrible simply your hair isn't perfect, you are really tall or short, you don't have enough muscle, or your boobs are to small and you don't have a small waist. Any little flaw you may have or one thing you don't have, society attacks all of us and we surprisingly conquer this pain, on the other hand, some it may be extremely difficult for, and others its a little easier, and some decide that they've had enough.

I've just recently went through a hard time, I had caught mono (a bad virus), then after that I went through a horrid breakup with my suicidal ex boyfriend, after that nobody would really talk to me at school and my best friend and I weren't doing that good and our friendship was falling apart, then one of my passions (debate) wasn't doing good because somebody made rumors about me that made my debate coach mad at me for the longest time, my asshole ex, the same one who I had a breakup with, made a rumor that I cheated on him so a lot of people frowned upon me at church when I really didn't and I was alone at church. It was such a difficult time and I was so depressed, I wasn't thinking about killing myself, I was just thinking about going under the smoking and alcohol influence when that was a stupid idea, because I tried to cope with all of these problems the good kind of ways, but nothing was working, and this had been for about 3 months, and it was just bad event after bad event and I was tired, I had barley any support and I was ready to change all of me and be a bitch that society created me into. Because that's how I thought people looked at me, when I know I have a loyal, sweet, caring heart. There was one thing that kept me going.

God gives his toughest obstacles to his strongest soldiers.


This saying is what got through a lot. I knew I was strong, and that I can get though it. At this very moment, I got through it all. I am very happy and not depressed any more, I am doing a lot better than before.

Now, when I say "society kills", I literally mean, society kills. We all know some people have committed suicide, and its a terrible, terrible thing. I am an insecure person, not as insecure as I was back in the day, but I was insecure. I thought I was the most ugliest thing ever, and that I was chubby, and a lot of things just brought me down. I've been like for 4 years. I've brought myself down all these 4 years, and finally im about to make a change about it. I am starting t think im pretty, im not fat, and im perfect in my own way. God created us to look exactly as we do. We are all perfect in gods eyes, not one imperfection he seeks. YOU should know that. We are all angels, wise, everything, I just share out mine to the world of  how I think of myself as a guardian angel, and how I kill society.



If you need somebody to talk to, or you want to talk in general, I'm very open to talk to new people

My kik is : Snapbackmandy (I know, funny name)


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