The Perks of Being an Guardian Angel

Discovering who you are is quite a journey
I firmly believe I discovered why im here in this world very early
Your thoughts?


2. Discover

How I figured this out was simple, but a long process


I realized that all these experiences I went through when I was little, was to prepare me for the future. Every obstacle I went through, couple months after, somebody would be going through it and coming to me for help. Every person whom I had/have a special connection or relationship with is because they need somebody like me to help guide them, and to have a fun time with them.

I am a strong believer as far as spiritual stuff. I've always been in the presence of a spirit, and feel connected to the spirit world and like im being protected by angels above. I've had a lot of "paranormal" experiences, so I take these to my advantage by connecting with the spirit world to help guide me and really focus on my life and slowly go through what I need to do. I use these to help people and in the end, they are always happy and im glad to say I've helped people get out of the dark place of there life.

Continuing with saying how people always come to me, its true, I feel like a magnet. Its just amazing how much information people give me, even if I barley know them and im blessed to have a gift that people trust me. The difficult part of it all is how divested people are and to watch them in pain, another is how I have to go through a lot at such a young age, but it makes me stronger and I can help people.


Its also great to think of myself as a guardian angel, especially since I am indeed an  miracle baby. The doctors told my parents that they cant have any kids, and then out of nowhere, my mom is pregnant with me! I am Gods miracle. God has given me life, so I must return the favor and help other people and save their lives.

What do I mean by that?


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