Let Me Love You

Steph never new moving to England would bring her face to face with harry,she never knew that she would fall in love so deeply yet so easily. But will things change? Will one kiss decide her fate?


17. What to do?

Liam's POV:

I heard a female voice call my name from the other room. "In here babe." I yelled wondering who it was.

Two girls walked into the room. I was shocked. "Liam baby!" Danielle yelled running into my arms. I picked her up,I was so happy she was back. Then I saw Stephanie tears down her face. How could I forget. I kissed Stephanie I treated her like a princess. I said I wanted her. But I want Danielle,I love Danielle,but I love Stephanie too. What do I do?!

"Danielle I'll be back in a minute" I whispered,pecking her lips softly. I walked over to Stephanie who was sitting with niall. "Mate do you mind if I take the lady for a sec" I said signalling Stephanie to get up. "Sure ma-" niall began when Stephanie cut him off. "What if I don't want to go with you." I felt hurt. I didn't want to hurt Stephanie. "Steph please. I really need to talk to you." I was literally begging her now. "Fine whatever."

Me and Steph walked out onto the balcony. "Steph listen-" she cut me off,I could only imagine what she was feeling... "Liam I don't want to hear it,you kissed me knowing you was still with Danielle. I don't know about you but in my books it's classed as cheat-" I cut her off how could she even say that?! "I didn't cheat on danielle. I would never cheat on anyone!" I yelled getting more and more frustrated. "Liam you where one of the people I could turn to but now,I can't trust you I just can't!" She got up,leaving me,with no one but my thoughts. What have I done?!

Stephanie's POV:

Liam had hurt me. The one person I thought would never heart Me. Physically or emotionally,had just hurt me. I was stressed I didn't know what to do. I went into my room,I sat on the bed and cried. Just cried. My phone vibrated in my pocket.

From mum<3 : are you and the boys still coming home tomorrow?

To mum<3 : yes mam :)xxx

I couldn't do this no more, I dreaded coming to America let alone going back in that house. I just can't. I burst out into tears,my thoughts had got a hold of me,there was nothing I can do now.

"Can I come in?" I heard someone with a thick accent say. I'm guessing it was niall because he was the only Irish boy here. "Yeah" I said trying to fight back the tears.

"Oh Steph" niall ran over to me and wrapped his arms around me,I felt safe with niall,he was always there when I needed him,and he always made me feel better about myself.

"Niall why do I always get hurt" I sobbed into his chest. "Your just fragile,and hey,I haven't hurt you! And I never will!" He whispered in my ear. "Promise me niall,promise your be the only one who never hurts me!" I sobbed. "I promise. As long as you promise me your tell me everything! No matter what it is,you will come tell me what Evers on your mind." He spoke up. "I promise." He smiled at me. I looked into his eyes,they were as blue as the ocean. I loved niall. He was my vary best friend.

"Now cheer up! We're going to go see your family tomorrow,your going home! That's something to be happy about!" He smiled. "Niall that makes everything twice as bad." I sobbed more. "What,what do you mean Steph!"

"Niall I never wanted to come back to America,let alone my home...a few weeks before I moved...my.my..d..a...dad,rap-" he cut me off knowing I couldn't take anymore. "Oh Steph! Does anyone else no?!" He asked with concern in his voice. "N...no. He ran away the morning after and i couldn't tell no one,I don't want to tell no one!" I sobbed harder than ever. "Shh it's ok"

Niall sat and cradled me for a few more minutes,he hummed little things to me,when I stopped crying me and niall went out to get some drinks.

We walked into the kitchen. Danielle was sitting on the side,liam in between her thighs. It made me sick knowing it was only a few days ago me and liam were like that. Liam turned and noticed me,he gave me an 'I'm sorry' look. I just returned it with a death stair. I hated him right now.

When me and niall got drinks,niall went to talk to zayn. I saw harry sitting on his own so I decided to go and sit with him. "Hey" I said leaning on to his shoulder. "Hey" he seemed really happy. "You seem happy." I giggled. "I miss that giggle" he sighed. "I miss that smile" I sighed. "I'm sorry" he whispered. "Me to." I sighed again. "Does that mean I'm forgiven?" He smiled, his dimples showed more than ever. "As my friend. Yes. But it's still gunna be a while before I can trust you as anything else!" I laughed. "I'll take my chances" he giggled,kissed my cheek and walked away. I did miss harry.

Ellie's POV:

"I see you and harry are getting close again." I said to Stephanie. She jumped "oh god Ellie you scared me" I sighed. "You know I like harry" she looked at me with pure shock on her face. "That's cool" she replied bluntly. "You know just because liam chose Danielle doesn't mean you have to run back to harry!" I yelled.

"Excuse me? Me and liam were friends. Me and harry are friends. But out of it!" She yelled back. "You cheated on me?!" Danielle yelled to liam. "No I fucking didn't !!!!" Liam yelled back. "Not what harry told me!!!" I yelled again. "Why you steering shit?" Stephanie yelled. "I was mad and drunk! I didn't mean any of it I swear liam didn't cheat on you!" Harry yelled at Danielle. "Liam don't act so innocent!" Stephanie whispered,luckily no one but liam and me heard.

"And me and harry are a couple so accept that!" I said to Stephanie. "Harry's my friend! And my ex boyfriend why would you do that to me?!" She yelled. "What has she told you?" Harry yelled. "That you to were a couple" Stephanie mumbled. "No we're not!" Harry laughed. "That's why we've been having sex everyday this week? Huh." I yelled.

The room went silent. Stephanie ran into her bed room crying. "Steph...-" she cut harry off "even when you were tying to get me back!" She yelled. Niall followed her. "Why did you do that!" He yelled in my face. "She deserves to know the truth!" I yelled back. He sighed and walked away.

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