Let Me Love You

Steph never new moving to England would bring her face to face with harry,she never knew that she would fall in love so deeply yet so easily. But will things change? Will one kiss decide her fate?


13. my bestfriend

Stephanie's POV:

"El...El...ELLIE?!!!" I screamed knowing it was her,my bestfriend,slept with my boyfriend! I was angrier than ever now! "Stephanie!" She looked at me with guilt written all over her face. "I swear I didn't know!" She continued,tears now falling down her cheeks. "Yeah right" I ran out the room as fast as I could to the boys apartment, I didn't want to see anyone right now.

Harry's POV :

"Sorry mate,she had to find out sooner or later" Lou said heading for the door.

"Wow I've fucked up big time" i whispered to myself hoping no one could hear it. "Yep" someone muttered under there breath,I would have had ago at who ever it was but right now,I knew they were right.

Ellie's POV:

I ran out if Harry's apartment as fast as I could,I headed for the boys one and ran in. "Steph,honestly I didn't know!" I screamed hoping she was in there. Just then I heard a loud sob from the bed room, I ran in and jumped next to Stephanie. "He told me he was single" I said with tears still rolling down my cheeks. "Ellie honestly it's fine if you want to date that basterd,go ahead no ones stopping you,I'm offic..I'm officially single" she muttered chocking on the word single. "Steph if I had known..." She cut me off "Ellie I'm not mad at you,your like my bestfriend,it was him who said he was single,it was him who cheated." She spoke up,whipping the tears away from her eyes.

Liam's POV:

I walked back to our apartment while the rest of the boys were conferring harry. I couldn't bare to see Stephanie hurt like this. I walked in as I saw Ellie walk past me. "Liam I honestly didn't know" I just looked at her and nodded. I was disgusted. And knowing it was Stephs best friend made it twice as worst.

I pulled out my phone and checked twitter before walking in to see Stephanie.

@harry_styles : @xostephanieox I'm sorry;(

@zaynmalik : @harry_styles please not over twitter mate.

@elliewood : you will never no how bad I feel @xostephanieox I love you x

@xostephanieox : thanks for all the kind words. #feelingbetrayed love you guys lots:) x

I walked in and just sat next to Stephanie on the bed. "Liam I need to get out of here" she sobbed "you can stay with my and the boys here until we go back to london,together." I said feeling devastated for her. "Liam... Thank-you" I just looked at her and smiled,you returned it. "Your a good friend" she added. "I'm always here for you babe" I winked,she giggled a little bit "I love you liam" she whispered "I love you two babe" with that we hugged all afternoon. We drifted off her falling asleep on my chest. She was so beautiful.

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