Let Me Love You

Steph never new moving to England would bring her face to face with harry,she never knew that she would fall in love so deeply yet so easily. But will things change? Will one kiss decide her fate?


15. lazy day

Liam's POV:

"Boys,me,Stephanie,el and Lou are going to mine." I whispered walking out zayns and niall apartment. Me,lou,Steph and el all had onzies on. We got to my apartment,got some ice cream and put on a movie.

"Cookie doh?! My fav" I heard a whispher as me and Lou walked in. Louis sat with Eleanor on the chair. I sat with Stephanie's head in my chest again. She was so warm,I couldn't help but smile. Louis noticed...

"Getting a b there liam?" He laughed. "What the actual fuck louis" I laughed with him,we were laughing so hard,and the funniest part was that the girls had no clue what we were on about.

"Dinner?" Louis said while turning the tv off. It was now 7pm and I was starving. "Defiantly" everyone said. "I'll text the boys see if there coming" I said pulling out my phone. Steph had also pulled out her phone and went on twitter. I read over her shoulder as she typed.

@xostephanieox : great day<3 would defo need to do this again @real_liam_payne @louis_tomlinson @eleanorjcalder

@harry_styles : @xostephanieox could you come meet me,really have to talk:( x love you.

@xostephanieox : @harry_styles going out for dinner with de crew @onedirection your invited.speek to you then x

@harry_styles :be @real_liam_paynes in 5 ;)x

Stephanie's POV :

I went into Liam's room to get changed. I was wearing a pink maxi dress with a demon jacket. "Wow you look hot" I turned around to see liam standing there with his hands on my hips. "Thanks" I giggled. "I had fun today" I added. "Me too" he said smiling. Just then,I found myself leaning into him,him leaning back. Then bang. Our lips smashed together,I can't remember most of it all I know is the kiss got more passionate. There was no tongues involved,but still passionate.

"You guys ready to go?" Louis yelled. Me and liam sprung apart. "Yeah two seconds." Liam yelled back,still holding my waist. He pecked my lips once more then walked out holding my hand.

"Wow Steph you look HOT! " louis yelled emphasising the word hot. El slapped him. I laughed "thanks lou" he's jaw was wide open. Liam looked to the ground laughing,still not letting go of my hand. "Louis your drawling" Eleanor laughed.

There was a knock at the door. "Well I guess we should go" liam said,still not letting go of my hand,just then I had realised our fingers interlocked. "Awww liam and Steph now?!" Niall yelled. I looked at him "no,shut up niall" I hit him playfully. "Hey that's not nice" he laughed.

Harry looked at me,then looked to the ground the whole way to the cafe across the road. I could tell he was genuinely sorry,but I didn't want to believe it,I didn't want to get hurt again,I just wanted liam. Liam,niall,louis,harry and zayn. I just wanted my boys. That's all.

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