Let Me Love You

Steph never new moving to England would bring her face to face with harry,she never knew that she would fall in love so deeply yet so easily. But will things change? Will one kiss decide her fate?


16. kicks off..

Harry's POV:

I can't do this anymore. I kept looking at my feet starring at the ground. I could feel eyes on me,but at this point I really didn't care.

We walked over to a table and ordered our drinks. On my side of the booth it was (from left to right) me,Eleanor,liam and perry. On the other side of the booth was (from left to right) Niall,louis,Stephanie and zayn.

A lady soon come over taking our orders. We all ordered steak and some sort of side. The boys ordered chips and the girls ordered salad. Everyone was having fun and making each other laugh. Except me,I just sat there in silent,I didn't want to talk to anyone,I didn't want anyone to talk to me.

Stephanie's POV:

I could see harry was upset and I couldn't take it any longer. I may have thrown a fork at him later on if I didn't talk to him now. "Harry can I talk to you for a second?" I mumbled. "Mmm" he said. "Excuse me a second." I said standing up,signalling harry to stand up as well. Liam stood up kissed me on the cheek then allowed me to walk out side. Liam is such a gentlemen. I thought to myself.

"Spill the beans hazza." I whispered,waiting to hear what type of petty excuse he had planning. "I love you" he mumbled. "Harr..." He cut me off there and then "Stephanie I love you,you love li-" I cut him off there. I mean yes I have developed feelings for him but I love harry. "Don't drag liam into this,I love you harry I mean yeah me and liam are getting on well-" harry cut me off yet again. "Do you love him" he said deeply. "I du..." He cut me off again! "Do you love him." He said more of a whisper this time. "Yes. I love him, but I love you to. You cheated on me harry,that just can't happen again."

Harry's POV:

I had heard enough,I needed to move on now,knowing id never get her back. To be honest I didn't want her back,there must have been a reason I cheated on her...what am I kidding I loved her! "Liam." I whispered. I needed to confront him,right here right now.

"Err yeah hazza?!" He replied with a little concern in his voice. "What's going on between you and Stephanie?" I asked bluntly. "Really harry? Right here. I don't think so!" Stephanie butted in,not letting anyone speak a word. Everyone was starring,all the boys,perry and Eleanor's jaws dropped. "Yes here,yes right now!" I screamed,loosing my temper. "Have you slept together" I continued. "No we haven't,now mind your own!" Liam said madly but so politely. "But you wish you did" I continued to scream and shout. "Fuck you harry." Stephanie yelled. "Fuck this,fuck you,fuck everything. I'm fucking done. It's my second day back and your already kicking off. What the fuck has happened?!!!" She continued.

Stephanie's POV:

"Come on babe we're take you back" niall whispered grabbing onto my arm. I nodded,zayn,perry,louis and Eleanor followed us out.

Abou 1hour later,liam and harry come back to the apartment. Everyone went silent, no one dared to say a word. "Hey guys I'm in town for a couple of days and was wondering if we could all hang out." I didn't recognise the voice,no one turned round. "Guys?" I turned round looking to see who it was. "OH MY WORD. Ed?!!! What are you doing there" I asked in so much shock,everyone turned round smiling. "No way... Steph is that really you?" I ran to Ed giving him a huge hug. "Wait you guys know each other?" Niall asked,walking to hug ed to. "Yeah I used to be in a band and me and ed traveled together when he was in America" I said with the biggest smile on my face.

I was so happy I forgot about everything. I walked over to the sofa and just laid down. Harry was laying on the sofa to,but right now I didn't care,everyone was laughing and telling story's again,I've got my family back.

*knock knock*

I stood up and got the door,who could it be? Were we expecting more people! Oh my... "Danielle! Hey!"

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