Let Me Love You

Steph never new moving to England would bring her face to face with harry,she never knew that she would fall in love so deeply yet so easily. But will things change? Will one kiss decide her fate?


19. interview.

Liam's POV:

It took a while to get to the interviewing place. I was sat next to Stephanie and harry. Stephanie didn't look at me once she was to busy making jokes with harry.

I don't know why she hates me so much... Oh god does she like me too? What am I going to do? I love her. That's it I love her! I cheated on Danielle! And it was the worst thing a human being can do. But I love Stephanie! I just need to win her back. And fast!

"We're here" the driver said. we all jumped out. There was a massive crowd of fans. We all decided not to hold anyone's hands so it wouldn't look suspicious,and act like nothing's going on between anyone. The girls waited out side and listened to the interview in a different room.

They were asking us lots of questions,mainly about the shows and concerts for the 'where we are tour' "guys I think everyone's dying to know this who's single and who's taken?" The man asked us. "I'm taken" louis said proudly. "I'm engaged!" Zayn said also proudly. "I'm taken" I mumbled. "I'm completely single!" Niall yelled. Harry didn't answer he was to busy looking at Steph. Steph was also looking at him.

"And harry?" The man asked. "Erm what are you asking me out or something" harry joked. "Moving on" the interviewer also joked. "When's the next concert? In America! Were all dying to know" he asked "tomorrow night actually" I answered.

The interviewer asked a few more questions and with that we were off. "Lunch!" Niall yelled we all agreed and got back in my he car. "Nandos here we come!" Niall yelled. We all laughed.

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