Let Me Love You

Steph never new moving to England would bring her face to face with harry,she never knew that she would fall in love so deeply yet so easily. But will things change? Will one kiss decide her fate?


6. happy birthday Perrie!

@harry_styles : lovely movie night with my beautiful @xostephanieox :)xx

@eleanorjcalder : so it was just a movie... @harry_styles

@harry_styles : @eleanorjcalder your so wrong minded..

@eleanorjcalder : not like that @harry_styles omfg pmsl!!

@xostephanieox : omg guys... #embarrasing! ;had a lovely movie night with mr styles @harry_styles

@harry_styles : @xostephanieox glad you enjoyed it ;) same again tonight?xx

@xostephanieox : @harry_styles I don't think so,Perrie's 20th!

@oxstephanieox : happy 20th @perrieedwards xxx

@harry_styles :happy birthday @perrieedwards

@eleanorjcalder :happy birthday @perrieedwards xxx

@louis_tomlinson :happy birthday @perrieedwards xx

@real_liam_payne :happy birthday @perrieedwards

@zaynmalik : happy birthday to my beautiful girl @perrieedwards lots of love xxx

@niallhoran :happy birthday @perrieedwards

@zaynmalik : making my beautiful girl breakfast in bed :) like a gentlemen ;) @perrieedwards

"Good morning my lady" zayn smirked,"morning" Perrie said rubbing her eyes awake,"woah ! What's this!!" Perrie said shocked,"breakfast in bed" zayn smiled leaning down to peck her lips. "Happy birthday beautiful" he pulled out a small box and bet down on one knee.

"Perrie,your beautiful,and ever since i met you I've been more happier,I've felt more alive,I feel so good when I'm around you,and that's all I want,I want to be around you forever,babe what I'm trying to say it,Perrie Edwards,will you do the honer in marrying me?" A tear fell from Perrie's eyes "oh my god yes zayn!!!!" She hugged him so tight,he lifted her left hand a slid a silver ring with diamonds on,on her finger,she was ecstatic!

*ring ring*


"Happy birthday to you,happy birthday too you,happy birthday dear Perrie,happy birthday to you!!!"

"Thanks guys,jade?jessy?leigh-Anne? Are you all coming to my party later?""

Are you mad? We wouldn't miss if for the world"

"See you later"

"When are we going to tell everyone?" I asked zayn curiously "tonight?" He asked smiling like a idiot "ok" he kissed my head and exited the room to go answer the phone.

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