Let Me Love You

Steph never new moving to England would bring her face to face with harry,she never knew that she would fall in love so deeply yet so easily. But will things change? Will one kiss decide her fate?


23. back to London.

Stephanie's POV:

The two weeks past really quick. We were all sat on a plane ready to go back to London. Even ed had joined us. "You alright" liam asked getting into his seat. I dug my head into his neck. "Tired" he laughed. "You look it" I smirked. He kissed my head. I closed my eyes. "I love you" he said. "I love you to" I mumbled,drifting off to sleep.

"Babe...we're home!" I heard Harry's voice say. "Mmm" I mumbled opening my eyes. He pulled me up byy hands and led me off the plane. There where paparazzi and fans everywhere. The boys had gathered all our stuff. "Alright babe?" Liam asked grabbing my hand. "Yeah" I whispered wrapping my other hand around his arm

The boys signed and took some pictures with the fans for a while. Me and Ellie stood by the van waiting. Everyone got in,but before I did liam shut the door. He put one hand on the car roof and one hand on my waist. He whispered in my ear..."welcome home" I giggled. "You to?" I questioned. "I've got a suppose for you" he smirked. I laughed "mmm" I smirked. When he had let me go we both followed the others and got in the van.

Everyone was sat on there phones the whole way home even me. I messaged my mum letting her know I got home safe and then went on twitter. I now had 13,567 followers.

@elliewood : had such a good time with everyone,staying with @xostephanieox in London,so existed!

@harry_styles : just got back. Feeling welcomed(:

@niallofficial : long plane rides are the worst!

@zaynmalik : London!!!!!

@real_liam_payne : love you. @xostephanieox *picture attached*

I opened the picture and slapped liam playfully. He smirked. It was a picture of me asleep snuggled into his neck,his arm wrapped around me kissing my head. I decided to save the picture anyway.

@xostephanieox : @real_liam_payne -love you to. Early night for me,shattered(;

Liam smirked when seeing my tweet. I looked around and saw harry and Ellie kissing in the car. I took a picture of them and posted it on twitter.

@xostephanieox : lovers @harry_styles @elliewood *picture attached*

Harry looked at his phone and laughed showing Ellie. "Revenge is sweet" he mumbled. I smirked. Ellie went bright red. I giggled. 10minutes later I forgot about the whole situation. Me and Liam kissed for a while then my phone bleeped.

@harry_styles : getting it on in the car now are we? @real_liam_payne @xostephanieox *picture attached*

I opened the picture. I was sitting on Liam's lap my legs around his waist,my hands cupped his face. He was looking up at me his hands around my waist. Our lips were touching each other's. Again I decided to save the picture anyway.

Liam saw it and he smirked at me. I got off his Lap and sit next to him with my head in his neck.

@xostephanieox : just cause I can styles. @harry_styles @real_liam_payne

They both immediately saw my tweet and burst out into laughter. Everyone else looked too,they all cracked up laughing.

@harry_styles : @xostephanieox I could have you anytime I want ;)

@xostephanieox : liam styles is chatting me up. @real_liam_payne @harry_styles

@harry_styles : admit it:D @xostephanieox

@xostephanieox : in your dreams styles! @harry_styles

@real_liam_payne : back off hazza! She's mine :|<3 @harry_styles @xostephanieox

@xostephanieox : <3 @real_liam_payne

We finally reached our apartments. Mine reminded me a lot like harry,and all the memories we had in there. I walked into the bed room,liam,harry and Ellie following. Liam and harry carried mine and Ellie's bags in. Ellie was staying with me from now on as she also lived in America. It was nice having a girl around.

"Knock knock" I heard a voice say. "In here" I called. I jumped up. "Oh my god hi!" I yelled hugging her. "Nice to see you guys again! Anyway I need to go find zayn,were catch up soon though!" She said leaving the room. "By perri" the boys yelled. "Bye!" She yelled back.

We sat there for a while before me and liam headed up to his apartment. He shared with harry but as harry was in mine helping Ellie,he took this as a advantage. Yep,I guess you can see what's about to happen.

Liam picked me up of my feet,I grabbed onto his neck and laughed,"what are you doing?" I laughed. He walked into the bed room and kicked the door shut with his foot. This made me laugh. He placed me on the bed and jumped on top of me. He took his hoodie and snap back off and threw them on the floor. "Liam wh-" he cut me off by smacking his lips on mine. He laid back pulling me with him. He took of my shirt and I did the same with his. I tugged at his jeans he did the same at my shorts,soon all of our clothes went flying. He rolled over so he was on top of me. "You sure" he mumbled catching his breath. I nodded,trying to catch my breath to.he pulled my knickers off,I pulled his boxers off,he grabbed a condom out his draw and put it on. "You 100% sure?" He smiled. I nodded. He kissed me a few times before he entered me. It hurt at fist, I moaned.then we picked up a rhythm. He moaned.He kissed me a few times before we realised. We laid down cuddling for awhile before his phone started ringing. He grabbed it.


"Right now?"

"Do it your self!"



"I'll be down in a second"


"Bye mate"

"Niall" he sighed. "Go on,I'm going to go shower and go see Ellie" I kissed him. He stood up and got dressed. I walked into the bathroom and showered. I put my clothes back on and went down to my room. I knocked just incase! "Come in" Ellie screamed.

"Why did you knock? You have a key don't you?" She looked confused. "Just didn't want to interrupt anything" I smirked. Harry laughed. "Hmmm whys your hair wet?" Ellie asked me. "Had a shower round Liam's" I shrugged. Ellie laughed. "Oh I see,was it good?" Ellie laughed harder. I smirked. "I don't really want to talk about my sex life thanks" I giggled. "Talking of the devil" Ellie nodded behind me.

I felt a chin place on my shoulder I looked and he kissed my cheek. "What was you talking about me for?" Liam asked Ellie. She laughed. "No reason" harry winked at Liam. He went red and smirked. I grabbed Liam's wrist and took him to the sofa. We sat down and talked to Ellie and harry. "Is niall ok?" I asked liam. "Yeah he's coming down with zayn and Perrie after they've 'catch up'" I laughed,at the way he said catch up sarcastically. "What about el and Lou?" Harry asked. "I didn't even want to go near there door..." Liam laughed. "Why?" Ellie asked baffled. "Let's just say there sex noises are fucking loud." He said with a straight serious face. Everyone laughed.

"Hey guys!" Louis yelled walking in. Everyone starred at them an laughed. "What's funny?" Eleanor asked confused. "El have you done it with louis since we come back?" I asked openly. She looked at me,he blushed. "Mmm" she replied. "Liam said your sexual noises are a bit loud" Ellie whispered. Everyone bursts out laughing. "Liam why was you listening to us have sexy time?" Louis laughed. Liam looked petrified. "You could hear it from outside!" He said. Everyone laughed.

"Sup peeps" zayn said walking in. Followed by Perrie and niall. "I've missed my family!" Perrie said hugging all of us.

The rest of the night we just talked until we all fell asleep on the sofas. 'Payback!' I thought to myself. I got changed into swets and a white belly top and put my hair in a messy bun. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Then went back and snuggled into Liam. He was fast asleep. I got my phone out and took some pictures. One of me and liam snuggled up together. Another with me kissing kiss cheek and lastly I took a picture of everyone asleep on the sofas.

@xostephanieox : it's been a long day x love you guys! *picture attached*

@xostephanieox : night angel love you x @real_liam_payne *picture attached*

Right then I knew that I belonged here. This is my family. My new life. My everything,and I couldn't imagine a better way to spend it than being here in the man I love's arms. I'm safe,I'm warm. I'm home.

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