Bad Boy

The story of what happens when a good girl falls for a bad boy.


3. Suddenly Attracted

That night i looked through my whole closet trying to decide what to wear tomorrow. I settled on black leggings, a red shirt, and a pair of white converse. Once i figured out what i would wear i went to bed.

*Next Day*

I woke up earlier then usual and straightened my hair, i did my make up, then got dressed and left for school. When i got to the school, Harry walked up to me in the hallway.

Harry:"So are you ready for our date today babe?"

Angela:"cant wait" I said sarcastically but i actually was excited. I mean Harry was cute and maybe i judged him to fast.

Harry laughed and walked me to my homeroom. 

Harry:"Well ill see you later."

he smiled at me then left. I went into the room and sat down next to Liam again.

Liam:"You look nice today Angela."

Angela:"Thanks Liam, im going on a date with Harry."

Liam:"Oh um well have fun." He looked at the board and didnt say another word to me. 

I was excited for lunch because i wanted to see Harry. I dont know why i am suddenly attracted to him, but i am. I sat down at the table next to Harry and Eleanor. Liam sat on the opposite side of the table not saying a word.

Me and Harry talked to each other for the whole lunch period barely stopping to eat. Once the period ended we walked to math together, continuing our conversation in that class. 

When math ended Harry said "I'll see you after school" then he winked and headed to his next class. After math we only had one period until the day was over. I was so excited for this school day to end.

I sat through last period watching the clock, counting down the minutes until class ended. Once it did i found Harry and we got into his car and started driving away from the school. Let the date being!


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