Bad Boy

The story of what happens when a good girl falls for a bad boy.


2. One Chance

The first 3 periods of the day went fast and then it was time for lunch. I walked into the cafeteria and sat down next to Liam. I was relived to see him because none of my friends had lunch during fourth period. A few people sat down with us. Louis and his girlfriend Eleanor, Niall, and Zayn. We were all getting along great. Harryy walked into the cafeteria and i was praying that he wouldnt sit at our table, but he did. He sat down right between me and Liam. Everyone greeted him. How were they friends with someone like Harry. He put his hand on my leg underneath the table and i slapped it away and gave him a look of disgust. He laughed, i got up and walked out of the cafeteria. Eleanor came after me. 

Eleanor:" Angela, wait up!"

she called from down the hallway, i stopped and waited for her to catch up to me.

Eleanor:" why'd you leave?"

Angela:" I dont like Harry. I dont want to sit anywhere near him,"

Eleanor:" Why whats wrong with Harry?"

Angela:" I dont like him, he seems like a bad kid."

Eleanor:"Give him a chance. I know it doesnt seem like it, but hes a great guy."

The bell rang and me and Eleanor went our separate ways. I walked to my next class which was math. I sat down in the back of the room. Math was my worst subject. Harry walked into the classroom and sat next to me. I groaned.

Harry:" Whats your problem with me?"

Angela:" I dont like you Harry."

Harry:"You dont know me."

Angela:"Well i dont want to know you."

Harry:"Come on Angela, give me a chance."

I didnt answer. I just stared at the white board trying to ignore him.

Harry:" Tomorrow after school. Give me a chance."



It was obvious that Harry wasnt going to leave me alone anytime soon.

Angela:"Fine Harry one chance to prove your not as bad as i think you are."

Harry smirked and handed me his phone. I looked at him.

"Put your number in it"

I entered my phone number and handed him back the phone. I didnt talk to him the rest of the day. 

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