She's not Afriad

My parents were killed when I was only seven. I escaped with the killers face planted in my memory. Ten years past by and I'm ready to strike the kill. I've been to 21 different schools. The killers are looking for me as I'm looking for them. I than let some one into my heart... Is it the end for me?


2. Fight Me Like A Man

The bell spoke out to us causing everyone to jump out of their seats and scurry along to their second period. I stayed where I was watching the door. What if I was to stay here? "Heather." Zayn once again broke my thoughts. I glanced at him; rolling my eyes. "What?" I barked at him. He didn't flinch he gave me a slight chuckle. "Drop the bitch ass attitude. Class is over." He swung his backpack over his shoulder and trotted out. Wuss. I slowly and easily walked after him. A tall clean cut haired boy bumped into me on my way out. "Watch it!" I hissed as harshly as I could. The boy grew angry and threw his stuff down. "You bumped into me, little missy!" He attempted to give me a harsher tone. But of course mine was as cold as ice. I stared him down and stepped closer. "Say it again you coward." I threw him into the wall and shoved my forearm under his chin pressuring his throat. He shook his head 'no'. Pathetic. I snickered and walked out. "Get your ass back here bitch!" The boy yelled. I stopped in my steps. "Sophia!" The boy called out for a girl. Most likely his girlfriend. "Yes, Liam?" I turned as I saw her cheeringly skip over to him. Damn, she looks like she can handle a few. I began laughing as Liam pointed at me and Sophia walked over to me with a pissed off look. "You're trying to pull a move on my man, whore?" Haha so that was his excuse. "Yes ma'am I am." I swiftly lied. I could literally see steam screaming from her ears. God, this is too funny. She swung her fist up to me. I blocked and and punched her in the rib. I could hear a rib break. It's like music to my ears. I love it. She gasped in pain. I threw her to the ground and jumped on her. One fist after another came down on her face. Blood squirted out of her broken nose. I began laughing at her pain. This is more fun than you think. She screamed as I heard another bone break. I think it might be her arm. I figured I can't kill her so I slowly slid off and turned to walk away. As I turned I notice Zayn staring at me with confusion. I blew him a kiss and bumped his shoulder as I walked by. Now the school knows they have something to be afraid of. I wiped Sophia's blood off on a random boy.

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