She's not Afriad

My parents were killed when I was only seven. I escaped with the killers face planted in my memory. Ten years past by and I'm ready to strike the kill. I've been to 21 different schools. The killers are looking for me as I'm looking for them. I than let some one into my heart... Is it the end for me?


3. And You Are?

I began my walk home ten minutes before the dismissal bell rang. I really don't care. A women jogged by me and gave me a funny look. Yeah I know. I'm gorgeous! Geez. I winked at her and slightly picked up my pace. "Hello, beautiful." A boy whistled behind me. The bell must've rang. "And you are?" I stopped in my tracks and glanced over my shoulder. "Anthony." He wrapped his arm around my waist. His free hand lifted my chin up toward him. He's stunning. His hazel eyes popped out. His black styled hair giving them more structure. His gauges were bright white. And his teeth are perfection. "Heather." I smiled and tippy toed; leaving a small kiss on his nose. I slipped out of his grasp and skipped to my house. Hoping that he's following. I was right. I heard his feet shuffle into the ground as he followed me. I slid my key into the slot and turned to look at him. He noticed me looking and moved his gaze away from my house. He rammed his lips into mine. It felt as if he was trying to concur something precious. "Finally." A man behind me sighed. What the hell?! I pushed Anthony off and turned toward my living room where three men sat on my couch and six stood around. I reached for my gun and knife but they were missing. "Yeah I sorta have those, princess." Anthony laughed. Fuck! I ran into my kitchen and slid over the table and under it. Grabbing my extra gun. "Get out." I hissed as coldly as I cold. "Hey, Zayn was the one who told us about you." Anthony laughed again. "What about me?!" I clocked my gun. "He's right you're gorgeous and deadly." One of the men on the couch stood up and walked towards me. "We know who you are, Heather Crystal Lopez." I heard my heart beat the crap out of my rib cage.

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