Who'll Stop the Rain?

Mark is a reluctant gangster who's grown tired of his life. Malcolm is an emotionally barren hit man who pulls jobs for a rival gang. When the murder of Mark's friend thrusts them on a collision course the consequences are lethal.


3. Who'll Stop The Rain?

Rain pelted the windows of Mark’s second floor apartment as he sat in his bedroom and rummaged through his nightstand. It had been several hours since he’d informed the rest of his gang of Aaron’s murder; and with nothing but dark thoughts and bitter memories to keep him company he was looking for something to distract him. Mark had briefly considered finding and informing Aaron’s next of kin before realising that he didn’t have any. That fact that Aaron’s right thumb had been removed had raised some eyebrows among Mark’s fellow gang members. It was calling card of an assassin for a rival gang that they’d always had trouble with. Somewhere at the back of Mark’s mind he could hear voices whispering about the inevitable gang war that was to come. Despite himself he smiled at the fact that Aaron’s murder, the cause of the coming war, had most likely been over something as meaningless as a girl or an altercation in a bar. After a few minutes of searching Mark’s hand clasped onto what he’d been looking for. He fished it out and held it in front of him. It was an old cassette player he’d found once and a pair of headphones. Mark put the headphones on and pressed play on the cassette. He only had one but he never seemed to bore of it. As the music of the band whose name he’d never learned soothed his ears Mark cast his thoughts again to the impending gang war. In the twenty three years he’d been alive this city had given him everything he’d known but it had also been more than willing to tear those thing away from him. With Aaron gone Mark had no real friends left on this earth. As one of the songs on the cassette came to end Mark stared at his rain spattered window and softly sang along.

“Still the rain kept pouring, falling on my ears

And I wonder, still I wonder who’ll stop the rain?”

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