Far From Ordinary

"I...just thought you'd like being in Wisconsin." Kacey had a confused look on her face.
"I do, I do, it's just the fact that...well...it's not Ireland." I looked down at the ground. Kacey ran her free hand down my back.
"I know what's it like, Niall. To have such a drastic change happen in the blink of an eye..." She looked up at me, her differently colored eyes shining in the moonlight. Would this be a time to tell her the truth?

Niall Horan never wanted to move from Ireland to Wisconsin. Worst of all, he can't hang out with his friends, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Liam as much.
But all isn't lost. Kacey Elit, an animal lover trying to recover from her anorexia disease, might just be the person to get Niall out of his funk. However, there seems more to Kacey that meets the eye...


1. To America

Niall's POV

"We're sorry, mate. We can't argue with the producers."

"I know, Harry, but am I ever gonna see you guys again?"

"Maybe. We still have our Skype numbers, we can still chat with ourselves."

"So, this is goodbye?"

"I...I guess so." I cast a last glance at my friends for four years now. It was almost gone now. What was going to happen to our lives once I was gone? That question I didn't want to answer.


Getting off the plane, I tried to think that this was Ireland. No matter what, I just couldn't. Because this wasn't Ireland. This was McFarland, a small suburban town in Wisconsin, America. Maybe I would adjust. Eventually.


I headed to my new address, 1637 Prince Boulevard. And boy, was the street name relevant. The houses here were almost mansions; they were enormous and elegant. 1637 was one of the bigger houses, with what looked like three stories and a glass room outside. Must be an enclosure for the previous owner's pets, he or she must've had a lot. Then something flashed in one of the windows. Was that...a flash of ginger hair? Was someone living here already? But why would someone put their own house up for sale when they didn't plan on leaving? Digging around for the house key, something metal came up in my pocket. I held the golden key in my hand and turned the key in the lock on the gate. The gate swung open with a small creak. Looking at the stone walkway, I could see the owner must've kept good care of their house, judging by the condition of all the plants. As I reached the door, I held out a hand to unlock it, but before I could, someone else opened the door. It was a girl that looked like she was only in her late teens, but honestly, she was adorable. She was only a few inches shy of my height, her long ginger hair down to her waist, and accented with a pastel pink bow. The girl had on a white, baggy T-shirt with the Minecraft logo-I had known from watching Zayn play-and blue shorts that looked very comfortable. Her feet were bare, except for a purple-and-green beaded anklet on both feet. She had glasses on, and her eyes were different colors; her left eye a deep blue, and her right eye was bright green.

"I see you're the new person. No one really knows I'm here, so they figured they could put the house up for sale." Her voice was soft, but had a hint of spontaneity.

"This is your house?" I asked the girl.

"Ooh, I see you're Irish." She giggled. "Anyway, technically, no, it's my grandmother's, but I apparently inherited it from her will five years ago." She clutched her arm. "But since I'm the only human living here, I guess it is mine. But no one knows. I apologize for my...appearance, I kinda just got out of bed and had breakfast." The sun had just risen here.

"So...where are your parents, love?" The girl blushed when I said love. 

"I'm...not living with my parents anymore. I have a job as a YouTuber and I've been wanting to start a music career, and that's pretty much it." 

"What's your name, love?" The girl blushed again.

"Kacey Elit, and this is my kitten, Zelda." Kacey scratched the chin if the tortoiseshell kitten. The kitten had the same eyes as Kacey. "And you?"

"Niall Horan."

"Hold up. Your name is Niall Horan...and you're Irish...you're Niall from One Direction! Holy crap you have no idea how famous you guys are here!" Kacey began to jump up and down. "You're my favorite member." She glanced lovingly at me.

"I used to be a part of One Direction." Kacey stopped jumping.

"What do you mean?" She looked confused.

"The producers of One Direction told us that they wanted us to be British-only boys. So I had to go."

"But that's bullshit! Didn't any of your bandmates stand up for you?" I stepped backwards at Kacey's language.

"All of them did. But the producers told us it would either be just me that goes, or One Direction would be split up. So I made the decision myself. I never wanted to, but I didn't want to see all of us split up. It's better because it was just me that went." Kacey's mouth was hung open in shock.

"Those producers are mean. I'm sorry, Niall." She wrapped her arms around me in a hug.

"You don't have to be sorry, love. It's for the best." Kacey pulled away from me.

"Do you have any allergies to pets of any kind?" 

"That question is really random, but no. Why do you ask?" Kacey opened the door more so I could see inside.

"Just come inside and I'll show you." I rolled my suitcases in the door and shut it. Kacey waved her hand to follow me. She stepped into a room that all made sense now.

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