Far From Ordinary

"I...just thought you'd like being in Wisconsin." Kacey had a confused look on her face.
"I do, I do, it's just the fact that...well...it's not Ireland." I looked down at the ground. Kacey ran her free hand down my back.
"I know what's it like, Niall. To have such a drastic change happen in the blink of an eye..." She looked up at me, her differently colored eyes shining in the moonlight. Would this be a time to tell her the truth?

Niall Horan never wanted to move from Ireland to Wisconsin. Worst of all, he can't hang out with his friends, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Liam as much.
But all isn't lost. Kacey Elit, an animal lover trying to recover from her anorexia disease, might just be the person to get Niall out of his funk. However, there seems more to Kacey that meets the eye...


17. I'm Back

QUICK A/N: Holy butts guys! This is our most popular movella!! THANK YOU sooo much for everything you guys are awesome!!! ~Avery and Lolo💋😎

Niall's POV

My phone started ringing. That's gotta be Kacey, I thought. I pressed 'accept' on the third ring.

"Niall?" It was Kacey.

"Yep. Are you coming home? Do you need me to get over there and pick you up?"

Silence. "No. I can get back myself." Kacey coughed really badly. 

She truly is sick. "Well, I trust you. Call me if you need me to pick you up, okay?"


"I love you." I waited for her response.

"You too. Bye." Kacey hung up. I didn't know what I felt, relief that she loves me back, or fear that she might not make it.


Kacey's POV

"Geez, you're up early." Jason appeared behind me.

"Ah! I guess so. Stop scaring me like that." I flipped my hair over to one side and started playing 'Just Give Me A Reason' big P!nk and Nate Ruess from fun. on the piano.(shut up this is a good song😎)

"You're really good on piano."

"Yeah. I've been playing since I was five."

"Woah. Damn." I laughed. Nobody would really be expecting Jason to say that.


It felt good to feel the wind on me, flowing by like water on a rushing stream. Sometimes the stream was calm, other times it was so swift and fast it could rush you away in an instant if you came too close. I spotted my house in what seemed like moments later. Carefully descending into the yard, it was very dark, almost midnight. Turning the key in the door, I rushed in and dropped my stuff at the door. I had to check if my Prophecy Wall had recorded the events.

Typing in the code, the large door opened. Drawings were on every side, all depicting me in some sort of way. I traced the events of my life to an empty space. Sure enough, it started filling in the events for me. Arriving at Adam's house, pranking Jerome, signing things, getting sick, Jason's kiss, and me leaving.

"Perfect." I smiled and left the room.

I opened my door to see that Niall was sleeping here. He did know that I was coming back. Probably waiting for me. I climbed into the other side and put my head on his chest, soon falling asleep.


Niall's POV

I could feel warmth returning by my side. Kacey? After I was sure whoever it was was asleep, I opened my eyes to see that it was Kacey. 

"Welcome back." I kissed her forehead and wrapped my arms around her. Kacey stirred a bit, but didn't wake up. This was what it felt like to be truly loved by someone.


Harry's POV

Don't you go saying that I was asleep. No, I was waiting for Kacey the whole time. I heard something on the yard, and indeed, I saw her. But something was different. 

She had transparent angel wings. What the fuck? Is she dead? But I knew that she was alive plenty. Was one of her parents an angel? Was she a hybrid? I must be hallucinating. A weird dream, perhaps. I kept watching. She came into the house and dropped her stuff at the door in a hurry. She went to the back of the kitchen.

I didn't see her for a little bit, until she came back and started up the stairs. She went into her room, which we all knew Niall was sleeping in. Are they gonna hook up in there? It doesn't seem like the case. That part was my job anyway. I crept back under the duvet and fell asleep, the thoughts still in my mind.

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