Far From Ordinary

"I...just thought you'd like being in Wisconsin." Kacey had a confused look on her face.
"I do, I do, it's just the fact that...well...it's not Ireland." I looked down at the ground. Kacey ran her free hand down my back.
"I know what's it like, Niall. To have such a drastic change happen in the blink of an eye..." She looked up at me, her differently colored eyes shining in the moonlight. Would this be a time to tell her the truth?

Niall Horan never wanted to move from Ireland to Wisconsin. Worst of all, he can't hang out with his friends, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Liam as much.
But all isn't lost. Kacey Elit, an animal lover trying to recover from her anorexia disease, might just be the person to get Niall out of his funk. However, there seems more to Kacey that meets the eye...


3. Doesn't Matter Why, She's Beautiful

Niall's POV

"Well? What do you think?" I uncovered my eyes. Kacey was dressed in a Superman crop top with a blue tank top underneath, blue jeans, and blue Converses.

"It's...it's so pretty. It's amazing. You have a serious sense of fashion, love." 

"Well, I don't know about that..." Kacey blushed and turned away from me. I don't know why, it was just so adorable with how shy and delicate she was. But the only thing that worried me was the sight of her rib cage. Was Kacey still under the stress of anorexia? And if she was, what was going through her mind when she starved herself? Or was she recovering?

"Niall?" Kacey snapped her fingers. "You keep drifting off. Is something wrong?" Her eyes were filled with worry.

"No, I just...tend to space out when I'm thinking about stuff." I lied.

"What kind of stuff were you thinking about?" Oh, shit. 

"Just...what's gonna happen to One Direction...now that I'm gone." I lied again. I couldn't tell Kacey the truth. Not until we can truly trust each other. I feel so worried for her...what if she starves herself to death and I can't see her anymore? I haven't even told her that I...no, stop it Niall. You have other things to think about other than love.

"Well, maybe the producers will realize their mistake and let you back in. But then you'll have to leave..." Were there tears in her eyes when she said that? She didn't want me to leave? It didn't matter what was going through her mind, she's still beautiful, no matter what happens to her.


I woke up in Ireland. It was 5:30, a half hour until I had to leave for my flight. I knew that Kacey must be missing me. I leaped up and started getting ready. Wait, I thought, about half-way through brushing my hair. What about the others? I won't be able to see them again! I was torn between going to America and being with Kacey, and staying here with the boys. The decision was too much. I screamed and punched the wall.

And that's when I woke up.


Kacey's POV

*SMASH* I woke up at the sound of a fist punching a wall. Niall? I stepped out of bed and ran to Niall's room and knocked. "Niall? Is everything okay in there?" I whispered. Opening the door, I was in shock. Niall's hand was bleeding and cracked, and there was a dent in the wall. "Niall! Are you okay?" Hot, wet tears streamed down from his face.

"I'm torn, Kacey, torn! I can't decide!" Niall out his head in his hands and began to cry.

"You can't decide what?"

"Wether to stay in Ireland and be with the boys, or go to America and be with you!"

"Niall, you're already in America. Was this a dream?" I rubbed his back.

"I guess so." Niall sniffed. "Is there any chance I can sleep with you the rest of the night?"

"Of course. Come on." Niall followed me to my room.


Niall's POV

"Can you tell me more about your dream, Niall?" Kacey sat upright in her bed. I climbed in next to her.

"I had woken up at 5:30, which was a half hour before I had to leave for my flight." I explained. "I started getting ready, knowing that you would be there in our house, love." Even in the dim light, I could see Kacey blushing. "So I started getting ready, when I realized that I wouldn't be able to see the other members of One Direction after today. I was torn between flying to America and you, and staying in the UK with the boys."

"And that's when you screamed and punched the wall?" Kacey's eyes were filled with concern for me.

"Yeah, that's about when."

"We should do something about this, you know." Kacey held my hand, still fresh blood staining my skin. My knuckles had taken the worst damage, with most of them seriously cracked. "I have some bandages in the bathroom. Come with me." She climbed out of bed and motioned for me to follow. Kacey was wearing the same outfit in which we first met, including her pink bow. Turning on the light, she shielded her eyes. "Bright, bright, bright, bright." She searched the medicine cabinet for bandages.

"Love, I don't think I need bandages. I'll survive." Kacey's cheeks blushed.

"No, you need bandages. It's only gonna get worse." She eventually found the gauze bandages. "You're gonna want to wash your hand first. Unless you like stinging." I nodded and ran my left hand over the stream of water.

"It hurts really badly!" I complained.

"Well, suck it up for now. You're gonna be thankful later." Geez, she doesn't have to be so sassy.


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