Far From Ordinary

"I...just thought you'd like being in Wisconsin." Kacey had a confused look on her face.
"I do, I do, it's just the fact that...well...it's not Ireland." I looked down at the ground. Kacey ran her free hand down my back.
"I know what's it like, Niall. To have such a drastic change happen in the blink of an eye..." She looked up at me, her differently colored eyes shining in the moonlight. Would this be a time to tell her the truth?

Niall Horan never wanted to move from Ireland to Wisconsin. Worst of all, he can't hang out with his friends, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Liam as much.
But all isn't lost. Kacey Elit, an animal lover trying to recover from her anorexia disease, might just be the person to get Niall out of his funk. However, there seems more to Kacey that meets the eye...


4. Diseases are a Bitch

ANNOUNCEMENT: hi guys! Sorry for that really stupid ending, using an ipad and I couldn't access the bottom of the page. Here's where we had left off, and it was supposed to end after the first break here. Again, sorry for the crap ending to chapter 3!

Niall's POV

Kacey carefully wrapped the bandage around my hand. 

"Stop making your hand into a fist, I need to get your knuckles!" Kacey groaned.

"Sorry, love." She blushed again.

"Are you gonna make me blush every five minutes?" Kacey applied pressure to my hand with the bandage.

"Sorry, Kacey. I didn't know it was upsetting you."

"No, it's fine..."

"Are you sure? You blush every time I say 'love' instead of your name." Kacey didn't say anything, just tore off the end of the bandage and carefully applied it.

"Your hand should be fine within a few days, but you won't be able to use your left hand very much. And it's gonna be hard, cause I know you're a leftie."

"You know I'm a leftie?" How did she know this? 

"I just know from one of your interviews with Tyler Oakley." Tyler Oakley was our main interviewer, and I wouldn't be able to see him again. He was actually really cool and nice to us, which was a first for most of our interviewers. "Come on. Let's go back to bed." Kacey turned off the bathroom light as we made our way back to her bedroom.


There was silence for a few minutes after we got back. Kacey broke the silence.

"Can I tell you something, Niall?" I turned to her.

"What do you need, love?" Kacey's cheeks burned.

"Stop calling me that." She shyly tossed her hair back over her shoulder.

"I can't stop. It's too cute seeing you blush." Kacey looked up at me, her cheeks getting redder. "Okay, okay, I'll let you talk." 

Kacey looked down at her bedsheets. "I think I know why you were drifting off yesterday. My shirt accidentally lifted up a little bit when I held up Zelda, and you saw my rib cage." Her eyes were laced with worry. "Are you worried about me? That I might have anorexia or something?"

"Actually, yes. Kacey, I don't want to see you suffer through-" She cut me off.

"I started having anorexia when I was thirteen. Kids were calling me fat, ugly, all that shit." She sighed. "So I started eating less and less. My friends really worried about me, and you could see almost all of my bones, like I was just made of skin and bones. It was really bad, and I was hospitalized three times. I had to learn that I didn't need to be skinny to love myself. And I was gonna die unless I started eating more. And I was usually so hyper at the time, cause I have a high metabolism. When I started eating less, I was so tired, I passed out in class once. It was the second time I was hospitalized. Do you know what having a high metabolism means, Niall?" I had to think.

"Isn't it when you can eat a whole bunch and not gain a single pound?"

"That's the basis of it, but yeah. I felt so much better when I started to eat again, and my old self was coming back. It was actually my New Year's resolution for 2013 to gain more weight, and I gained five pounds after I started recovering. The average weight for a girl like me is about 130 pounds. I'm 95 pounds right now." We both have high metabolisms? I guess we have more in common than I first thought.



"So, you still have a ways to go?"

"Yeah. But I know I'll get there. I have support now." Kacey wrapped her arms around me in a long hug. "Thanks for dealing with all of the shit that's going on in my life, Niall. It really means a lot to me." I hugged her back. 

"Should I still be worried about you?" I asked her. She shook her head.

"Just don't snuggle me when I'm asleep, okay?" Kacey's smile was warm as the summer sun.

"I can try. But I won't make any garuntees." Kacey giggled, then turned her head over and started to sleep. I faced the other way and tried to fall asleep, but I couldn't. It feels lonely for some reason without Kacey by me. I snuck closer to Kacey, wrapped my arms around the girl and rested my head on hers.

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