Far From Ordinary

"I...just thought you'd like being in Wisconsin." Kacey had a confused look on her face.
"I do, I do, it's just the fact that...well...it's not Ireland." I looked down at the ground. Kacey ran her free hand down my back.
"I know what's it like, Niall. To have such a drastic change happen in the blink of an eye..." She looked up at me, her differently colored eyes shining in the moonlight. Would this be a time to tell her the truth?

Niall Horan never wanted to move from Ireland to Wisconsin. Worst of all, he can't hang out with his friends, Louis, Zayn, Harry, and Liam as much.
But all isn't lost. Kacey Elit, an animal lover trying to recover from her anorexia disease, might just be the person to get Niall out of his funk. However, there seems more to Kacey that meets the eye...


24. Broken Heart

Kacey's POV

"Why do you have to leave? You just got back from the hospital!" Niall exclaimed.

"You can't always have an easy job when it comes to being a YouTuber. Everyone's on top of you, and when you have a schedule, people get upset when you can't follow it. Plus, they'll expect me to come. I'm sorry, Niall." I looked down. It had been a month since we first became an official couple; the day Niall had come over and confessed his love for me.

"You can just tell them that there's some family issues, and that you can't come." He took a lock of my hair and twirled it around his index finger.

"Niall, I can't lie to them. They're my Warriors, it feels like they're my children. You don't understand." Niall sighed and sat up.

"So, what is it? Will you stay, or go? Because it'll depend on whether I stay with you."

"What?! But that's insane!" I screamed. Niall cupped his hand over my mouth.

"Stay here, and I'll stay. Go to Florida, and I'll go back to Ireland." Was he crazy?

"Niall, this is completely ridiculous. I know I said we wouldn't separate, but I meant that as a couple, not like across the country!"

"It's not that. It's this." He showed me a picture on Adam's Instagram. It was of me and Jason-when we kissed. "What do you have to say for yourself?" Niall was beyond angry.

"Niall, I wasn't the one that kissed him. He kissed me. I pulled away when I found out what he was doing. I swear, I had nothing to do with this!"

"Why don't you just go to Florida. At least someone'll look after you." He got up and left.

"Niall, please..." I buried my head in the sheets. Me and Niall weren't dating, so why...

Maybe he had feelings for me during that time. But that was about two months ago.

I cried myself to sleep.

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