The Outsiders Preferences

I see that there are not that many fan fictions or imagines for the Outsiders so I finally had the chance to write some. I need ideas to write about so please comment!!!


12. YouTube Challenges

Ponyboy: At first the Cinnamon challenge seemed easy until he ended up in the emergency room with Darry glaring down at him! It wasn't the greatest date you guys ever had. But don't worry, you'll laugh it off as soon as he can laugh. Ponyboy had really learned his lesson: Don't listen to your girlfriend when she's bored!


Sodapop: You thought the Chubby Bunny challenge was so cute you had to make your boyfriend do it. He would never say no to his angel, so he did. On the twentieth marshmallow you took a picture that you swore you would show your kids someday!


Darry: He was such a big guy, you wanted to see him eat baby food again! So you using your hard earned money you bought five different flavors that all sounded disgusting!!! It's a shame it all went to waste! He barely got one spoonful in before gaging it back up. Goes to show men aren't that tough.


Johnny: You two were on a picnic date in the park when you got a little bored. That is when you realized you packed saltine crackers and heard about the very hard Saltine Challenge. Johnny couldn't say no to you. He finished eight crackers in one minute [you only need to eat six]. You sat with your mouth wide open the rest of the day.


Dally: Your boyfriend is pretty fast at a lot of things. So why not try the Mousetrap Challenge? You have to take the bait out of the trap before it snaps. Dally brought the traps and you got the cheese. You knew this was going to be bad when the trap snapped on its own. But it was funny when he started to swear after it completely got him!


Steve: Since Steve didn't like to dance that much you thought you would prank him a little with Ellen's Dance Dare. Hiding a camera in the corner of the living room, you started recording just when Steve walked in the door. You got him to dance by putting on his favorite song We Found Love by Rihanna. It was hilarious! Your boyfriend would be a TV hit!


Two-Bit: Since your boyfriend is an overachiever, he tried just about every challenge there is, was, and ever will be. He ended up in the hospital twice, out of school for a week, and got a  concussion. Plus a mild case of food poisoning. But surprisingly, he came out alive even after jumping from trucks, windows, etc. He was Superman's cousin!


Please DO NOT try these at home. It is only funny when famous people do and look stupid.

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