The Outsiders Preferences

I see that there are not that many fan fictions or imagines for the Outsiders so I finally had the chance to write some. I need ideas to write about so please comment!!!


22. When You're on Your Period

Ponyboy: He was actually frighten by the thought of it. So he wasn't really sure what to do. But his brothers helped him through it all. He bought you pads and chocolate. He left the room when you were angry and came back in to snuggle the kid was a rookie but a quick learner.

Sodapop: He had more experience than his little brother, so he knew what to do. He did everything you wanted, no matter how badly he hated to do it. He was a better expert on tampons than you. To make you forget the pain, he would pop in a funny movie he rented. Soon your stomach wouldn't hurt from cramps but from laughter.

Darry: He was like a father to you. And every girl knows what dads do when their daughter is on their period: they get grossed out and leave you alone. But Darry was a different kind dad. He would get everything you wanted and wasn't entirely disgusted by the blood. He was the father you always wanted once a month!

Johnny: The first time he saw a used pad in your bathroom, he thought you were dying from a disease. Although it was extremely awkward, you taught him everything there is to know about a girl's period. He quickly learned about which pads he should buy and when it's time to snuggle and when to leave you alone.

Dally: He has been through hundred of girls, so he knows plenty about the menstrual cycle. But the only thing that bugged you was that it took a lot to get him to snuggle and get what you needed. But he would eventually give in after a few fake tears. You taught him if he wanted to have a girlfriend, he needed to know when the week was coming.

Steve: Even though it sounds stupid, Steve compared a girl's period to a car. There is always a time where it breaks down and needs fixing. Thankfully your boyfriend was the best mechanic in Tulsa. He bought the pads, chocolate, and even made dinner. But most often, the dinner turned out pretty bad.

Two-Bit: Snuggling was the same old boring stuff his friends did to their girlfriends. Two made you laugh to forget about the excruciating pain us girls go through. Of course he would snuggle, but only after he found the channel that was showing a day long marathon of Mickey Mouse.

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