The Outsiders Preferences

I see that there are not that many fan fictions or imagines for the Outsiders so I finally had the chance to write some. I need ideas to write about so please comment!!!


10. When You Guys Walk Together

Ponyboy: You were the tougher of you two but you couldn't let people think your boyfriend was a wimp. Most of the nights you walked together holding hands, talking about the events at school that day. Recently, Ponyboy was jumped and he was scared out of his mind. To help him you ask your ex-boyfriend, Paul, to try and help Pony conquer his fear. Did I mention Paul is a Soc? Well one night while you were holding Pony's hand, Paul ran up and grabbed you as planned. As Ponyboy just turned around, Paul pulled out his switchblade and held it to your throat. "So you go out with scum like this now?" Pony isn't one for name calling, so he was furious! "Scum?!" Then surprisingly, he pulled out his switchblade and Paul ran. Your Pony saved you and he was never scared again.


Sodapop: You always visit your boyfriend, Sodapop, after his long day of work and your long day of school. He would take your books and hold your hand all the way home. And when you couldn't stay out of the drama, he would listen to whatever you had to say. However long it took to get through. You would even listen to his family and work drama. Then after a fun night at the Dingo he would walk you home, holding you close. He would crack joke after joke, even if some were bad. No Soc would think to touch you. They knew you were Soda's girl. 


Darry: He wasn't very different from his little brother, Soda, but he was way more protective. One day you were walking home alone when a light blue mustang pulled up. You paid zero attention to them until the first Soc grabbed you. They beat you up pretty bad. Stumbling home, you passed Darry who flipped out! He was screaming and cursing out everything he saw. From then on, you never walked alone. You couldn't even walk across the street to your neighbor's house without feeling Darry's presence near by. It was a little creepy but you knew he was just showing how much he loved you.


Johnny: He was careful. You were the second girlfriend he ever had. The first time he messed up by letting a couple Socs make fun of her and her appearance. He vowed that he would not lose you to a Soc in any way, shape, or form. It was kind of cute the way he defended you in the shyest way possible. The only way you knew he was being very serious was when he pulled out his switchblade. It didn't matter if it was a Soc or another Greaser, they backed up. After awhile boys didn't bother you anymore. After that it was just nights walking home with the best boyfriend ever. Your boyfriend.


Dally: Who would mess with the toughest Greaser that ever lived and his girlfriend? Absolutely no one! Well only the one Soc that had enough guts to do try, Patrick, your ex. Patrick was abusive and constantly beat you. Dally saved you when Patrick was kicking you in the ribs in a dark ally outside Buck's. So one night when Dally and you were coming from a movie Patrick ran up and practically tackled Dally. Thank god Patrick ran while he did because in the next second Dally pulled out a gun which you didn't know he had. You were shaky not just because of the attack but because of the gun. Dally sweated to god he would never hurt you. You just walked home in his arms as he kissed the top of your head. Walking with him was a little nerve racking but he made it easy with each sweet kiss.


Steve: Both of you were just plain goofballs. You held hands and cracked jokes no one would find funny except you two. You kissed and played pranks on random people. And you occasionally got in trouble with your bigger brother because you were out too late. It didn't matter how much he yelled, you kept on thinking about the great night you had. The great night you had with your boyfriend, Steve.


Two-Bit: You two were an unlikely couple. You were quiet and studious. Two was loud and obnoxious. But it didn't matter, you had the biggest crush on him and he had the biggest crush on you. You knew he had the potential to be smart. He knew you had the potential to be louder than him. But you guys really liked each other. Walking home was your favorite part even though it was mainly because Two was super drunk. He would jump and run like a little kid. You could make out the jokes through his slurred speech. As long as you got him home, your night was fine. 

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