The Outsiders Preferences

I see that there are not that many fan fictions or imagines for the Outsiders so I finally had the chance to write some. I need ideas to write about so please comment!!!


28. When He Gets Protective/Jealous

Ponyboy: He is normally shy but if someone threatens to touch you, he'll start fighting. He almost always wins and when he doesn't win you get to play doctor. You get to kiss him better.


Sodapop:He won't hesitate when some guys are touching you or trying to hurt you. He'll take your arm and pull you to him, growling dangerously to tell the guy to 'get lost'. He's almost scary when he does it.


Darry: He knows when he gets too angry so he tries to control his anger. He'll pull you away before he gets too mad. Then you'll calm him down, smiling at how protective he is.


Johnny: He's always quiet but when he gets protective or jealous he likes to gently pull you away. Just as they can no longer see you, he kisses you passionately.


Dally: He pulls you to him and wraps his arms around you. He'll threaten anyone who tries to hurt you or will do anything to protect you. Sometimes he ends up fighting. You just let him go at them.


Steve: He'll always try to fight the guys who tried to hurt you. He'll keep you out of the way while he'll pummel the guy to pieces.


Two-Bit: When he gets protective he wraps his arms around you. He'll hold you tightly and will do things to make you smile and laugh. Then he'll kiss you to show everyone you're his.

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