The Outsiders Preferences

I see that there are not that many fan fictions or imagines for the Outsiders so I finally had the chance to write some. I need ideas to write about so please comment!!!


38. When He Gets Drunk

Ponyboy: Whenever he would sneak into his older brothers' drinks, he would always get so sick. So it was your job to nurse him back to health which being the crybaby he was it would take a few days. So to make the time fly you read to him. You read everything you can get your hands on from Robert Frost to classics like Charles Dickens and Victor Hugo. You two had the best time together even if you had to miss a day of school for him. It didn't matter, you loved him.

Sodapop: Every time he would go out you would say a little prayer he wouldn't come home drunk or with another girl. At least he never came home with a girl but he would be so drunk it would make the bartender sick. You knew he was home when you could hear gagging from the bathroom at 2 AM. So you crawled out of bed and helped him clean himself up and by the time you make it back to your he would pass out on the bed. Soda loved you for this, especially when you had two painkillers on hand for when the hangover headache kicked in.

Darry: He wouldn't dare leave the house without you so when he did occasionally knock one too many back you got to carry him home. He wasn't a heavy drinker because he knew he had to work but sometimes he was persuaded in the wrong way. But it was your duty as his girlfriend to drag him home even when he tried to walk on his own you had to keep one hand on his back to keep him steady. You loved him and would do anything to keep him safe when he was at his weakest.

Johnny: You couldn't believe that Johnny could touch a drop of alcohol because of the way he looked at his parents and their drinking. But everyone has to try it eventually and one night he did just that. Lets just say that when he came home it wasn't a pretty picture. When you were trying to get him to bed he knocked over a statue of the Eiffel Tower your brother brought you home from Paris from his time there as a soldier. You weren't happy but you were glad Johnny was okay. When Johnny woke up the next day and learned he broke your special statue he was almost in tears and he promised that he would take you to Paris one day so you can get another, but until then glue would be good enough.

Dally: He was rough drinker, meaning that when he went out to drink you knew you were lucky to see him by next week. That's why dating him was a challenge but you trusted your instinct and decided to stay with him. Dally finally came back two days later while you were making dinner. He stepped into the doorframe of the kitchen, took one look at you, and collapsed on the floor. You've never been more terrified in your life but when you ran over to his side he was already getting up. You immediately took him to bed and called a doctor. The doctor said he was just hot from wearing his leather jacket around in the heatwave and that he should cut back on the drinking. When you came back from showing the doctor out Dally had an innocent look on his face and asked you to cuddle with him. What can you say? You were a sucker for hugs especially ones from Dally.

Steve: When you first met Steve he was a raving drunk and was infamous in Tulsa for being one. But as you two started going on dates and started having a serious relationship he cut back on the alcohol. That was until you got in a fight over his job because he was one more late day away from being fired. Steve slammed the door and left for the bar and sat down and cried for hours until you heard a knock on the door. When you opened it Steve was laying on the ground passed out cold and you could see Sodapop and Dally walking away down the street. Somehow you managed to carry his weight to the couch and nurse him until the morning. When you woke up you found a note on the couch saying thank you and I'll make it to work on time today. It was written to his angelic nurse sent from heaven. It was written to you.

Two-Bit: You were setting up for a study date at your house. Two asked you if you could help him study for a big math test coming up and you both agreed to meet at your house at seven. But eight and nine went by with no sign of him but you decided to wait patiently because it was a Saturday night and you had no where to be. Finally a little after 11 you hear one loud bang on your door. You open it to find Two standing there but he looked like he had no idea where he was. Being as polite as you can you invite him in and ask him to sit down. Quietly you run to the kitchen and grab two glasses of water but when you came back you find the room and your papers all over the place and Two had a menacing look on his face. You put down the waters and try to clean up but he takes the water and throws it at you getting your new dress and papers all wet. Having enough you throw the other water at him and he suddenly comes to his senses. He apologizes constantly and offers to clean up. Eventually your studying ends at one in the morning but that only happens because you fell asleep in his arms.

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