The Outsiders Preferences

I see that there are not that many fan fictions or imagines for the Outsiders so I finally had the chance to write some. I need ideas to write about so please comment!!!


34. What He Gets You For Your Birthday

Ponyboy: A journal with your name on it and your own copy of Gone With The Wind

You loved to read and write together!


Sodapop: A lollipop necklace 

You were the sweetest thing that has ever happened to him!


Darry: A bright yellow sundress

You were the ray of sunlight in his life!


Johnny: A picture frame with a picture of you two at the Dingo

He would never forget you for all the money in the world!


Dally: A bouquet of roses and a daisy hair piece

He swore no rose could ever compare to your beauty!


Steve: A box of chocolates and a day at the zoo

You were his wild child and loved you very much!


Two-Bit: Mickey and Minnie stuff animal

He has said it a million times: you were his Minnie!

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