The Outsiders Preferences

I see that there are not that many fan fictions or imagines for the Outsiders so I finally had the chance to write some. I need ideas to write about so please comment!!!


5. Siblings/Who You Like


Sibling[s]: Curtis Brothers       Who You Like: Dally

 Your parents were recently killed in auto accident and now you were the mother of your one older brother and two younger brothers. The house was an absolute mess. There was food, garbage, clothes, and God knows what was all over the floors. Your older brother, Darry, was working too hard to care. And your younger brothers, Sodapop and Ponyboy, were too lazy to care to pick or clean things up. Now you had to deal with this after eight hours of school and another three at work.

It was like a living hell to you and you could barely take it. You had to pay overdue bills with money you were saving to go to college. Darry and Sodapop tried to help but weren't doing so well. Then one night you get into a heated argument with Darry and make a run for the door. Maybe a quick walk will help cool you down. You continue to walk and find yourself at the famous bar every Greaser went to, Buck's Place.

You were swigging down your third shot of beer when you feel a tap on your shoulder. "Now what's a pretty Grease doing in a shitty place like this?" "Drowning my sorrows." He didn't like seeing such a pretty girl go to waste so he invited you into his room ;-] You walked home that morning with Dally. When you got home everyone was shocked to see you in Dally's arms.

Your brothers weren't too worried about you being with Dally. They were only worried if you ended up having a little Curtis. But other than that they trusted Dally with all their hearts. He would never, ever disrespect you and if he did, he would get his ass kicked.

 Sibling[s]: Curtis Brothers       Who You Like: Johnny

You couldn't believe it. Out of all the things he could have done, he did this? You just had another fight with Darry. Ponyboy was just attacked by some Socs and Darry was letting his anger out on you. The argument escaladed so fast you didn't even realize Darry had hit you. You bolted out so fast. after running for forever you met Johnny who was also running from his family.

He calmed you down and you two were instantly friends. You guys always hanged out and you slowly became closer and closer. Your brothers weren't worried for a second and they even supported the relationship. The rest of the boys promised never to flirt with you.

* Sibling[s]: Johnny    Who You Like: Ponyboy

You had always known Ponyboy since your older brother, Johnny, and Pony were best friends. He was so handsome and kind, you knew he was the one for you. You tried to become one of his friends and you were pretty much successful. Whenever he had a problem with his homework or you had a problem you would call each other. He was your number one contact and you were his.

When you finally admit you like Ponyboy to Johnny, he was a little surprised but couldn't agree on a better person for his little sister. He trusted Ponyboy and wouldn't give it a second thought.

Sibling[s]: Steve     Who You Like: Two- Bit

You had always liked Two- Bit. He was in the same homeroom as you and that goes for tech class too. You thought Two-Bit was hilarious when it came to how much he blabbed in class or how much he talks about Mickey Mouse at lunch. One day in tech class the teacher said there was a final project for that grading period and you were to be partnered up. About a minute in he calls your name and he calls Two's. You were ecstatic!

You and Two started to work on the project right away! The two of you started to hang out so much, everyone thought you were dating. Even though you weren't you and Two decided to keep the joke up. Steve was a little on edge when he first heard the false rumor. You tried to explain that it was all a joke but he really didn't believe you. At one point he almost attack
Two the next time he saw him but you and Two explained the whole thing out. Steve finally calmed down and was fine but you hoped he would approve if you ever became a couple.

Sibling[s]: Dally      Who You Like: Sodapop

You and Sodapop were best friends since you were playing in a little sandbox. All through elementary, middle, but only part of high school. Sodapop didn't show up one day or the day after that. In fact he never showed up to school ever again. You were so sad and worried. Did something happen to Sodapop? Is he alright? So one day you decide to head over to the Curtis house to see what was up.

As you walk in you see the boys sitting on the couch together, silent. Only Sodapop noticed you walked in. "Hey guys, what's the matter?" They all looked at each other as Ponyboy began to cry. Darry spoke up, "Mom and Dad were killed in a car crash. We don't have enough to pay the bills. Soda had to drop-out to help pay." You were shocked. You went home silent thinking about what you could do to help. That's when you decided to help with the bills and with the care of the house and you could spend more time with Soda.

The boys graciously accepted the help. And as you did spend more time with Soda, you guys quickly became more than friends. You started to hang out more and more. Finally Soda asked you out on a date. Dally wasn't too happy he was losing his little sister but was happy with your choice. Beside Dally wanted you to end up together anyway.

Sibling[s]: Two- Bit       Who You Like: Darry

Even though you were older than him, Two-Bit constantly worried about you. From a young age you were diagnosed with a somewhat minor case of cancer. Though it was a minor case, there is no such thing as small case of cancer. Everyone treated you like a baby. Your parents, siblings, even your friends at school. The only way you could get out was to talk to your neighbor, Darry. He was the only one who would listen to your side of the story. You thought he was the sweetest person alive.

As the weeks and months went on, you guys got closer and even more closer. Soon you guys started to hang out at the Dingo and the drive-in. Eventually Two found out but wasn't too worried about you anymore. One day he even cornered Darry and threaten him if he ever hurt his older sister. Darry took it to heart and promised his life for you.

Sibling[s]: Curtis Brothers       Who You Like: Steve

You and Steve have liked each other for the longest time. Around 7th grade you realized you like him. The same was with him too. You secretly dated each other for a few years but broke up when you had to work to support your family since your parents were killed in an accident.

You missed Steve and Steve missed you. Eventually you guys got back together but still kept in on the down low. Then one day at work, Steve came to visit. It was nice until Pony and Darry showed up too. They understood what was happening almost instantly. Your brothers, especially Soda, were supportive of the relationship. He was a part of the family!



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