The Outsiders Preferences

I see that there are not that many fan fictions or imagines for the Outsiders so I finally had the chance to write some. I need ideas to write about so please comment!!!


37. Rainy Day

Ponyboy: You spend all day reading to each other. Pony was at the library two days ago and got all of your favorite books in case it were to rain. You snuggled as you read Gone With the Wind and Edgar Allen Poe's greatest stories. And when you got scared wether from the book or thunder, he held you closer to his heart and promised to never let you go.


Sodapop: You guys head over to the candy shop whenever it starts raining. Even though you guys can't afford much or any at all, you always walk away full of sweets. And when you got caught stealing he took the blame. Later you bailed him out with your dad's savings. So essentially you guys were even. Now you have to find a new candy store.


Darry: You guys stay home and work around the house. Darry will go around fixing small problems like paint peeling or dents in the wall. You will vacuum the floor or wash the dirty dishes. Afterwards you two relax on the couch and watch old movies on a well deserved break. You guys might even have more fun later!


Johnny: He'll treat his baby girl to a day at the mall. You don't walk out with clothes that often but you learn what each other wants for their birthday and Christmas. And with all the alone time you guys have together, you learn so much about each other. But afterwards, he'll treat you to an ice cream. That makes for some sweet kisses!


Dally: He'll do whatever you want to do that day. That's why you fell in love with him: he's super sexy and he agrees with you on everything. Some days you go to the movies and others you stay inside. One time you guys went on cruise in his car and ended up driving into a giant brawl. But when you got home you healed him and stayed with him the rest of the rainy night.


Steve: He's the craziest one of the group so what else do expect? You guys run through Tulsa when it's pouring. When the water runs down the side of the road, you guys try to make a human dam. It doesn't always work but it was fun. But even with all this fun, you normally end having to nurse each other when you catch a cold!


Two-Bit: Since he's falling behind in school work, you help him as much as you can. Every time he gets an answer right, you give him a kiss as an award. That way he works extra hard. And during the summer, you two will crash any party or diner within the area. And when you can't find anymore, you head back home, kissing the whole way back.

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