The Outsiders Preferences

I see that there are not that many fan fictions or imagines for the Outsiders so I finally had the chance to write some. I need ideas to write about so please comment!!!


2. How You Guys Met





It was a another rainy day and you were spending it at the local library. Your friends were spending it at the Dingo, smoking and drinking. You never were one for that kind of stuff. The library was full of people trying to get out of the rain so you volunteered to help with the books. Between putting books back and checking them out, you barely had time for a break. You were getting more exercise here than gym class.

You had one more round of books to put back in the historical fiction section. The rain had finally stopped and people cleared out so it was finally calm and quiet except for a few. You finally reached historical fiction and put all the books back except one, Gone With the Wind. Of course you were just short of the top shelf.

No matter how hard you reach, you couldn't make it. That's when you hear a slight chuckle and you see a boy your age standing next to you. "Need some help?" You blush and nod and hand him the book when his eyes widen. "I was just looking for this. It's my favorite." You were shocked, it was your favorite too. You spend the rest of the day talking about it until he had to go. But before he left, he gave you his number. To talk more.


Your roof was leaking for the third time this week and that was it for you. Now you were looking up a roofing company to finally fix it. After being put on hold for the hundredth time you were setting up a time for the roofer to come around. "I'm sorry ma'am but were backed up for the rest of the day. We could have a man come out tomorrow around noon. Is that fine?" Anything was fine to you.

The next day you woke up extra early to find even more leaks. The roofer had it in for him. You had lunch and watched TV until noon. He was ten minutes late and you were furious. After putting a small dent in the wall, there was a knock at the door. You answered it to find a stong, handsome young name. "So sorry I'm late. My name is Darry. You need someone to fix that roof of yours?" You stood there starring.


Just another block to the gas station. Your '56 Cadillac Coupe DeVille was sputtering its last breath every inch it went. You were only about 13 more tire turns away from the gas station when it chugged its last chug. Kablooee!

"Stupid car! I knew I should have saved for a '62!" That's when you hear a voice next to you, "I think you need a new radiator." You practically jumped when you saw a movie star next to you. He reached his hand out and you ended up with grease all over your hand. "I'm Sodapop and you are?" "Y/N. Y/N Y/L/W" He helped you out of your car, "Come on. We'll push it together."


 You sat at the Nightly Double, alone again. Your friends ditched you to go make out with their boyfriends. Sadly, you weren't girlfriend material to the boys at school. You talked about the latest Mickey Mouse cartoons too much. You always had the loudest and most obnoxious laugh in the grade. Now you sat watching the 35th anniversary of Fantasia in your Mickey Mouse t-shirt entirely alone.

About halfway through the movie you felt some people sit behind you. You didn't pay attention to them at first. Well you didn't until they got louder and louder every minute. You heard everything they said especially the one who kept cracking jokes. "Then that's when things got weird!" That was the breaking point and you let half of your obnoxious laugh out.

That's when you felt a hand on your shoulder. You turn around to see a really cute boy with long, rusty sideburns with deep gray eyes. "That's some laugh." You frowned and walked off to the exit to see if your friends were around. Two-Bit ran after you and eventually caught up. "Look I'm sorry if you thought I thought your laugh was ugly. I think its really cute. Well are you gonna tell me your name or not?" You blushed," I'm Y/N." "And an even cuter name! I'm Keith but everyone calls me Two-Bit." He took you back to your seat and you two talked about Mickey Mouse the whole evening.


It was the final hour of your shift at Buck's place. He offered you the job as a bar tender three weeks ago. It paid good and was able to keep food on the table at your parent's place. The only thing you hated was giving beer to already dangerously drunk kids. But if you didn't, you'd be fired in an instant.

That last hour went super slow with every beer served was like seeing your life pass away. It was a little while before a person would come along so you sat down. "Please," you thought, "Please let something interesting happen to me." You looked at the clock and there was only ten minutes left. You started packing up when you hear a voice behind the counter, "Excuse me? I would like the young lady behind the counter please." Really? It was the last ten minutes and you had to deal with another hooker.

But when you turned you saw the most handsome blond you ever saw. His face was rough but so gentle. "I'm still waiting... uh, your name please." You answer, "Y/N." He smiled, "Great, now how 'bout a drink?" You knew this wasn't the last time you'd see him.


All you felt was anger. Anger and sadness.

Your super boyfriend who you dated for the past six months just cheated on you with the school slut. You caught them in his bed having sex. He tried to explain but you didn't listen to a word he said. Your parents were drunk and probably would never understand. So you ran to the park crying. You picked the spot were no one could find you or hear you. Or at least that's what you thought.

"I know what your going through." You try to look through teary eyes but could barely make out anything. Wiping your eyes you saw a boy around your age with thick jet black hair sit next to you. "I'm Johnny." You sniffled, "Y/N." He asked you what was wrong and he listened to you and held you the whole night.


You were walking home from school and decided to take a short cut through an alley. It was a peaceful day until you heard two people yelling. It sounded like a girl and a boy. The girl was yelling to the boy about an anniversary date and him  forgetting about it. The boy tried to defend himself but just got himself in a bigger mess.

You continued down the alley when you see the girl walking by with big puffy eyes. It looked like she had been crying for days straight. Then the boy ran by holding the side of his face. His very handsome face with perfect black hair. And don't even mention the muscles with the eagle tattoo. He was running after her screaming apologies but she ran off saying she never wanted to see him again.

You never did like the way you were over confident and so sociable but this was a good time to use it. "Anniversary date?" He turned around and nodded. "You forget too? That's too bad." He went over to the wall and started hitting and kicking it. You went over, "Hey nothing to cry over. I think I can get her back. I'm Y/N by the way." He stopped and starred at you, "Na. Don't worry about it. I think I'll find someone else soon."


A/N: Wow. That took longer than expected but I'm happy with it! Tell me what you think. Please comment!!!

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