The Outsiders Preferences

I see that there are not that many fan fictions or imagines for the Outsiders so I finally had the chance to write some. I need ideas to write about so please comment!!!


31. He Goes Off to War

Ponyboy: (Obviously older) You begged and pleaded for him not to sign up. But when no official letter came, you were able to breathe again. When another week pass, a letter came in the mail saying Pony had been drafted. The day Pony started packing you tried every trick in the book to keep him from going. But when you threaten to leave him, that broke him. "Y/N, please don't leave me! I will be back and don't you think something else!" He kissed you passionately when you suddenly heard a horn outside. You stood there stunned as Pony ran out of the house and onto the bus that would take him to war. He left you there to fend for yourself but he left with sadness in his heart.


Sodapop: He secretly signed up at the town hall after hearing that all of his friends had done it. Soda heard of all the glory of fighting for the country, and so did you. He thought it sounded amazing, while you thought it as pathetic, stupid, and utterly wrong. Wars are not fought for glory and you knew it. But the agonizing day came. You sat on the couch, crying, while Soda packed his bags. When he finished he came into the room and passed you without saying goodbye. You heard the front door open and close. That's when you ran outside and saw Soda jumping on the bus. You yelled for him and he came running back. He brought you into kiss, "I'm not one for goodbyes."


Darry: It was a shock to hear Darry telling you ,while on a date, that he secretly signed up for the war. He felt like it was his duty to help his country. At first you thought he was kidding around and it was a practical joke. But when you received the mail the next morning, the draft letter was sitting in the palm of your hand. You begged on your knees for him not to go but it only made him wish to fight for his country more. He wanted to defend his city, brothers, and most importantly: you. The day came when Darry had to leave. You sat on his bed crying, holding for one of his shirts. "Now, don't cry for me Y/N. I'll be back." He kissed you as the bus honked its horn. Darry was had to go.


Johnny: You heard about all of the local boys signing up to go off to war and you tried to keep it a secret from Johnny as long as you could. But when you two were hanging out with Pony, he let the secret slip out of his mouth. At first you didn't worry about Johnny making it since he was not as built as the others. But you didn't know that he would work for months to be as strong and as healthy as the other boys. Sadly, the recruiters thought Johnny was the kind of man they needed. You pleaded for him not to go. Even though it pained him to see you cry, he left. But he left loving you with all of his heart.


Dally: You were sitting on the edge of your bed waiting for Dally to come. To come over for what may be the last time. You hoped and prayed that Dally wouldn't hear about the draft. But he did. Dally entered in holding his duffle bag. He ran to the bed and grabbed you. That's when he pulled you into the sweetest kiss you had ever experienced. "Please don't hate me when I go! I promise I will come back. My love for you will keep me going!" You were about to say something when you heard the bus honk it's horn. Dally kissed your forehead and walked out the door toward the bus.


Steve: You never expected Steve to ever have anything to do with wars, let alone sign up for one. When he finally told you the day before he left, you thought it was another one of his pranks. But when Steve was sitting on the front porch with nothing but a duffle bag full of his clothes and his draft letter, you knew he wasn't lying. You begged him not to go but he wouldn't listen to you. He kissed you goodbye and hopped on the bus that soon drove away.


Two-Bit: Once you heard the news about the local draft, you knew Two would be the first in line to sign up. Two-Bit told you the story about his Grandfather and his father both being war veterans. You figured that Two felt like he had to continue the family tradition. But still you begged him to stay even though it did no good. The day finally came for him to leave. You cried the entire time while sitting with him. "Don't cry Y/N. I will come back before you know it." You dried your tears, "I do know but I still worry." Two pulled you forward and kissed your forehead, "Well don't worry!"  

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