The Outsiders Preferences

I see that there are not that many fan fictions or imagines for the Outsiders so I finally had the chance to write some. I need ideas to write about so please comment!!!


23. Favorite Thing To Do at the Beach

Ponyboy: Both of you love to splash each other while taking a nice swim in the ocean. He would dunk you and you would tackle him. It was so much fun you would do it until the sun went down for another time. Then the rest of the day you spent walking the beach.


Sodapop: After a day of splashing each other in the ocean water, you guys would just like to sit back and relax. You would get a tan while Soda stuffed his face with the food you packed. It was a great day of rest and relaxation for the both of you.


Darry: Since both of you love sports, you would bring the beach ball and have a little volleyball competition. After kicking his butt, you would go out in the ocean and toss his football around. A nice day of kicking each other's butt in sports.


Johnny: Of course you guys would spend time in the ocean and that was great and all but it was the same old stuff everyone else did. So you guys spent time on their boardwalk and spent the whole day going through the shops. Your wallet went fast!


Dally: Even though he is a stick in the mud, Dally loves the beach! He was the one who woke you up so early, the beach wasn't even open yet. You swam, played volleyball, and walked along the boardwalk. He was far from his gangster self on the beach!  


Steve: Instead of the same old swimming routine, you guys drove down the main street in his 1957 Chevy. It was the coolest looking car on the entire block! After impressing everyone, you guys walked along the beach, holding hands the entire way. It was so sweet.


Two-Bit: You guys made swimming a competition! It was an epic battle to see who can swim to the pier the fastest. Or it was war to see who could go out the farthest. He said he would let you win but you knew it wasn't true. Afterwards you guys ate dinner and walked along the beach. 

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