The Outsiders Preferences

I see that there are not that many fan fictions or imagines for the Outsiders so I finally had the chance to write some. I need ideas to write about so please comment!!!


16. Dream Date

Ponyboy: Your dream date takes place at a coffee/book shop. You spend the day sitting by the window watching people pass by as you talk about the latest books the shop just got with your cool date. By the end of the date you are super hyper from all the coffee, so you guys go to the track and run a little. Why  not? That's where you guys first met and he asked you out.


Sodapop: Soda would scrape up all the money he could find to take you out to one of the fanciest restaurants in town. You guys would laugh and have a good time making fun of all the rich snobs there. And when you finally got kicked out, you guys would have a better and cheaper time at the Dingo. It doesn't matter how big his wallet is, but the size of his heart.


Darry: You met Darry at one of his football games and he asked you out. But it didn't work out so well.It didn't matter, you wanted to try again. This time he took you to Dairy Queen for a sweet treat and maybe a dance on the floor courtesy to the jukebox. And after that he took you back to his place to watch a romantic movie.  Best second First Date ever!


Johnny: He really messed up with his last girlfriend on the first date, so this time he did a little research. He found out you love Paul Newman and spent hours trying to figure out when his next movie was being shown at the Drive-in. Finally he found it on a Friday Night at eight. It was set. You cuddled together during the romantic parts and gasped at the shocking parts. Young Love!


Dally: He was a super tough gangster and he wanted to prove it. So your first date was at the annual Tulsa Tough Rodeo. You were not one for all that gang crap but you were jumping out of your seat watching Dally crush his opponents. Even when you got back to your place you were excited. Dally took advantage of it! ;-]


Steve: Everyone knows how much Steve loves cars. So of course your first date was a drive around in his 57 Chevy. Then afterwards you guys went to the Dingo for a couple of milkshakes. Then you two went off to the park and jumped around like little kids until the cops showed up. On the way back to your place he put his arm around you the whole way home. You couldn't stop smiling.


Two-Bit: He actually tried to clean up a little for this date and decided the only place he had to stay sober in was the local pool. So that is where your first date would be. You wore the cutest little peach bikini, while your big tough date wore a violet bathing suit. You thought it was cue even though everyone was laughing. Both of you learned a lot about each other after a day of flipping and dunking each other.


If I lived anywhere near a beach, I would love that to be my first date! Tell me your fantasy date in the comments!

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Love ya all!

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