Darkness And Fire

A story of Nico getting back from saving Percy and Annabeth, and meeting a new young girl his age. She's Leo's little sister, Red. Nico is scared that Leo might not lit him date his little sister


2. Time Together

                                       Nico's Point Of View



                    She slapped Leo on the side of the head. "Don't ever say something like that again, Valdez!" She was angry, and it was funny.

                    Leo laughed, "It's not a big deal, dude. Chill!" He friend punched her shoulder, and she slapped his hand. "That hurts!"

                    "Yeah?" Her face got close to his. "It was supposed to!" She left the cabin. 

                     "She can really hurt, you know," Leo pouted.

                    "She's hilarious," I replied.

                    After dinner, I decided to take my night walk, like usual. I saw that Red girl at the river, and she seemed to enjoy being alone.

                    "I don't," she mumbled to herself, "I just can't, he was totally joking....Please tell me he was joking." She turned in suspicion. "Come on out di Angelo, I know you're there."

                    I did she said, "How'd you know I was around?"

                    "Lucky guess," she laughed.

                   "My hair?" 

                   "Yeah, sorry."

                   "It's all cool."

                  We talked for a while, and her hand went on fire randomly, and she screeched, and ran away, filled with fear.

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