Darkness And Fire

A story of Nico getting back from saving Percy and Annabeth, and meeting a new young girl his age. She's Leo's little sister, Red. Nico is scared that Leo might not lit him date his little sister


4. The Odd Thoughts Come True

                                                     Red's Point of view


At breakfast, is the moment I saw his face. Pale skin, black eyes, black messy hair. It made me blush. I didn't say a word, I just hope my face didn't make contact with his eyes. Leo laughed when Nico and I waved to each other. I looked at him. I really didn't get the point of him thinking that it's funny that I have my ever first crush. I dreamt that one day, Nico and I would to the camp lake together, and hold hands for a bit, then I would kiss his cheek.                                                                




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